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Israeli Poker Championship

Posted: , by , Level 21

We have found our final table. 9 player, of which 6 are from Israel, will return tomorrow at 2pm for the final table and we will see who will take down the title, along with 12.000€.

You can find all the chip counts in a few minutes.

This is all from me for now.

Thanks for following and goodnight!

Yossi Kahlon (326k):

Omri Fresher (217k):

Roy Mushroom (242k):

Alexis Maillard (304k):

Avi Avitan (506k):

Eugenio Verde (413k):

Posted: , by , Level 21

We lost another player. He was one of the big stacks but got terribly unlucky when he lost twice big pots in preflop all ins with Ace Queen. One time he lost to Ace Jack, the other time to Ace 10.

With just three big blinds left he moved all in with Jack 4 and got called by Avi Avitan's Queen Clubs 8 Clubs, who won the pot with Queen high.

Posted: , by , Level 21

Ariel Kayat just got knocked out in a big pot holding Aces versus Kings versus Tens.

The flop brought a King, turn and river blanked. Rani Spanyev, the player with 10 10 had both covered and therefore survived.

Level: 21
Small blind: 6000
Big blind: 12000
Ante: 1000

Posted: , by , Level 19

Nehoray moved all in with his short stack and got called from the Big Blind Roy Mushroom.

Nehoray couldn't win the coinflip with his Ace Clubs 7 Clubs against Roy's 4 4 and got knocked out in 15th place for 905€.

Posted: , by , Level 19

There was a raise to 19k and a call and Imerman went all in for his last 37k and the inital raiser called.

The chipleader after day 1A was in good shape to double up with his King King against Ace 10. But unfortunately for him an Ace hit the flop, turn and river brought no help and we found our unlucky bubble boy.

Level: 19
Small blind: 4000
Big blind: 8000
Ante: 1000

Posted: , by , Level 18

We just lost another short stack and we are now hand-for-hand. One player will go home without cashing.

Our 17th place finisher:

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We just lost two players in a single hand.

At blinds 3000/6000/500, Robert Ahonius moves all in for his last 1k chip, Wolkowicz one of the big stacks isolates behind him to 13k, but the small blind Doron Gamliel moves all in for 44.5k, Wolkowicz calls after some time thinking.

Robert: 4 3

Wolkowicz: King Queen

Doron: Ace Diamonds 10 Diamonds

The flop brought a King and both turn and river blanked.

We are now 17 players and down to two tables with only two players from the money.

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Blinds are up again. If you are wondering, why I'm so quiet, it is because action is incredible slow. We haven't lost a single player, even though we have some really short stacks. Bubble play could take a while.

Level: 18
Small blind: 3000
Big blind: 6000
Ante: 500
Level: 17
Small blind: 2500
Big blind: 5000
Ante: 500

Posted: , by , Level 16

Avi Kimni is out in 20th place, 5 spots from the money.

He lost most of his chips on a board of: Ace Jack 3 8 6, where he rivered two pairs with his Ace 6, unfortunately for him Imerman Noach had turned higher two pairs with his Ace 8 and got doubled up by Avi.

In the very next hand, he doubled up against Imerman with Ace King versus 5 5, but just a few hands later, he had to leave as his Ace 10 couldn't beat his opponent's King King.

Posted: , by , Level 16

Alberto has been short for the whole day but kept surviving, until now.

In his last hand, there is a limp in front of him and he moves all in for his remaining 45k, the player after him decides to call, the rest folded.

We had once again a race, as Alberto had Ace Spades Queen Spades and his opponent 7 7.

The flop, turn and river brought no help to Alberto and he had to leave to tournament.

Posted: , by , Level 16

Blinds are up. There are still 21 players remaining and action slowed down dramatically as we're close to the money and nobody wants to finish out of it.

With an average of around 30 Big Blinds and some short stacks we should lose some players in this level.

Level: 16
Small blind: 2000
Big blind: 4000
Ante: 500

Posted: , by , Level 15

While the main event is heading towards the money, there is also a 300€ side event running. At the moment there are 13 registered players.

Level: 15
Small blind: 1500
Big blind: 3000
Ante: 300

Posted: , by , Level 14

We just lost another of our local players with Konrad Abela. The Maltese, that finished 6th in the last IPC told me, he was pretty carddead for the whole day and in his final hand he flops a flush draw with a possibility of a straight flush draw as well and got his money in. Unfortunaltely for him the turn and river blanked out and he had to go just 11 spots from the money.