Windows Phone Casinos

Designed and developed by Microsoft, Windows Phone is Microsoft’s smartphone offering. Its operating system totally replaced the one used in their previous design, Windows Mobile, and they’re not even compatible with each other. This smartphone is considered to be Android’s strongest competitor.

Its first appearance was in 2010 in New Zealand, Australia, North America and Europe, reaching Asia a year later. It has become very popular to the point that it’s now available world wide.

According to reviews on the product, as the operating system is linked with other Microsoft software and services, this makes it very fast and efficient to use if compared to other mobile’s softwares.

Many online casinos are promoting mobile gambling because of the success it has achieved. It’s considered to be online casino’s latest trend. Anyone owning a Windows Phone or any other type of smartphone is welcome to enjoy the fun and thrill of real money casino gambling. Every day, casinos release new apps and software platforms to enhance this service.

The mobile gambling market is still emerging but many of the top online casinos specialize in releasing versions for Windows Phone users. Online casinos are constantly working in creating new games to increase their mobile offering. In this sense, Windows Phone users should expect more exciting games and apps coming their way soon.

There are several ways you can relate online casinos with Windows Phone casinos. For instance, you can withdraw or make deposits through your player account and take advantage of the attractive bonuses and promotions, but the fact that Windows Phone is portable, is certainly a plus. You can play online video poker, casino games, slots and many more games on-the-go. Mobile gambling in many countries in Europe and Asia has become an instant hit and are now focusing to gather as many players as possible by offering them exciting promotions, bonuses and exclusive features.

Games on Windows Phone

Even though using your smartphone to play casino games is fun and new, it does have a few inconveniences. For example, the game selection using your Windows Phone is more limited than the game offering at an online casino. This is just a question of time, as the goal is to have the same number of games in both markets. As mobile gambling is very new, you might have to be a little patient. So far, Windows Phone’s game library consists on the timeless casino classics including roulette, blackjack, bingo, slots games and video poker. Expect to have more as Windows Phone technology progresses.

Creating and developing new versions of these traditional games has produced very good results to online casinos. Now software development companies such as Microgaming, focus on providing Windows Phone casinos with the latest progressive slots games. Mega Moolah, a well known progressive game, can pay up to millions of dollars and it’s available to Windows Phone users.

Differences with online casinos

Switching to casino gambling using your Windows Phone shouldn’t be too hard if you’re already used to play real money games on a web browser. The main difference of course, will be the screen size where the games are displayed. However, this might not be a disadvantage once you consider that you can carry your Windows Phone anywhere you want to and yet be able to play without the need of a fixed Internet connection. As long as there’s Internet near you, you’re ready to go!

Unfortunately, Windows Phone casinos doesn’t offer the same number of game as you’re used to when playing at a traditional online casino site. This is because the mobile gambling market is still very new and it’s gonna take more time to develop a solid game repertoire especially if each game has to be designed differently for each mobile device.

Putting the screen size differences and the game selection aside, one of the best features when playing using your Windows Phone is that you can still take advantage of the same promotional programs and bonuses you would get at your online casino. There’s also a very reliable customer service team that can be reached using your mobile device to help you solve any technical or general queries. As Windows Phone technologies develop, more apps and games will be offered for you to enjoy.

Choosing a Windows Phone Casino

The best thing to do is to pick a Windows Phone casino that is stable and solid and that has been established for a certain period of time. If you happen to have an account already with an online casino, ask them if they provide mobile gambling, chances are they do. If they don’t, it’s almost certain they are working on it as this is every online casino’s latest trend.