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Windows Casinos

Online casinos offer players the opportunity to play their favourite games without having to visit a real casino. In fact in several European cities you are not allowed to visit casinos in your vecinity so players are forced to drive hours and leave their home city to visit casinos in another city.

And even if a casino allows its own neighbours to visit and play, they do require a dress code prior to entering, they need you to register your identity documents and they have very strict rules regarding how much you can play with, how much you can lose and how you get your winnings paid out (and we're not even going to mention the tax issues involved in getting your winnings after filling out lots of paperwork). The solution for most people is to simply play online. You can play from the comfort of your own home, without having to go through complicated registration processes or following complex rules of dress or behaviour. Online casinos offer what everybody in this world seeks: convenience. They are easy to use, they are immediately available, you save money on gas, lodging and consumables and they are quite private.

Question of Compatibility

When choosing an online casino, the most important thing to consider is compatibility. It's the first thing to check before making a decision. Some casinos are only compatible with certain operating systems like Linux or Mac and some are compatible only on certain mobile OS' like iOS or Android. The advantage of Windows as an operating system is that all online casinos are compatible with it. Regardless what model PC you have, regardless what version of Windows you choose, you can be sure that 99% of all online casinos will be compatible with your system.

That means you have all regular games and their variations readily available and just a few clicks away. Windows, created by the Microsoft Corporation, is a graphics users interface (GUI) which is required to run any PC as it is the operating system (OS) which allows any other program to make use of the computer resources and run as required. The first online casinos appeared when Windows 95 was in the market and after that it became the standard OS on which all online casinos developers built their clients. This is the reason almost 100% of all online casinos are Windows compatible.

No-download Windows Casinos

Most online casinos are available on download and/or no-download version. No-download casinos are all compatible with Windows and most are compatible with Linux OS and Mac OS. The revolutionary advances in web programming languages like HTML5, Flash and Java also make it possible to access all the best games an features of most online casinos without compromising quality on audio, video and graphics. Some even offer live dealer action via no-download.

Download Windows Casinos

Download casinos require users to download a program unto their computers before registering or playing. Once installed, players can customize their casino experience and choose whatever game they want to start playing on. The download casino requires no browsers and depend less on add-ons an plug-in than their no-download version. Both versions require a connection with the internet. It used to be true that download casinos offered a better and more interactive game-play experience since graphics and video were smooth and rich and audio was crisp and real, but as mentioned before, the advantages in web programming languages has levelled the playing field. It is safe to say all download casinos are compatible with some version of Windows and of course especially with the newer versions like Windows 7 or Windows 8.