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World's largest online sportsbook operator Bet365 is all set to enter into sports betting market

World's largest online sportsbook operator Bet365 is all set to enter into sports betting market

The new partnership has begun between Bet365 and Century Casinos as the former entered in the Colorado Sports betting market. Bet365 is world’s largest online sports book operator which is now all set to enter in the big market. The date of launch is yet to be decided, but the company is working through swiftly through the approval process to use their app under their brand.

Bet365 has signed a contract with the Century for the term of 10 years, which includes a guarantee of split annual revenue and a net share of gaming revenue. It is important here to note down that Bet365 is not the first website to enter into the sports betting market, therefore, their worth will be tested once they start operating.

With Colorado being one of the prominent market areas, it has the potential to grow into one of the largest sports betting markets in the country, and this specifically will make Bet365 more competitive.

How Bet365 will impact the Colorado market

With the workforce of 4,600 employees under their wing and annual earnings of $4 billion, Bet365 is currently the largest mobile sportsbook in the world. Bet365 has already established dominance in the Europe with its major markets in Italy and England. Apart from that, the website streams live sporting events of 175,000 annually. So, this make their position quite strong in the market as the bettors know that they will be able to stream a game they bet on even if it is not available on their Television.

With other websites already being in the market, Bet365 is now the sixth mobile betting app to enter to Denver market. Even though they are making their appearance a bit late, their European presence reflects how they can be a huge competitor as more states of U.S are starting to legalize sports betting.