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BoyleSports Manager Stole €590,000 and Gambled Away at Paddy Power

BoyleSports Manager Stole 590 000 and Gambled Away at Paddy Power

Always research if a potential employee is a gambling addict. This must be something that Boylesports are telling themselves after a former manager of Boylesports in Castle St in Cork, Ireland, stole a massive €590,000 from the shop which he then spend gambling online on Paddy Power.

According to detective Garda Harrington, Paddy Power eventually became so worried with the 33-year old manager, Ronan Crowley, that they decided to close down his account, refusing to take any more bets from him. While the decision came after internal management decision, Paddy Power never contacted Boylesports as Crowley claimed towards them that he inherited the money. Paddy Power was aware of Crowley being a Boylesports manager however.

The €590,810 was stolen over 236 "thefts", where Crowley didn't lodge shop receipts into the company's main account, more or less every single day he was at work in the store. Due to Crowley being a massive gambling-addict, the chances of Boylesports ever seeing these money again are slim-to-none, while Paddy Power are probably happy about the €398,000 he blew away there.

Crowley's defendant told to the press that if the case had been discovered earlier, perhaps with the help of Paddy Power, then his client may have had a chance to deal with everything. Instead he kept playing with stolen money in hopes of hitting it big, pay back what he had "borrowed" and retire from his winnings.

“This is a truly extraordinary case. In excess of half a million euro was stolen from Boylesports over almost two years, a significant breach of trust. It beggars belief that a company like Boylesports are so disorganised in their set-up they did not know this was going on for almost two years — a man entrusted to make lodgements was not making the lodgements. One would expect this would be picked up overnight or within a week in a properly-run business." Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin said in court.

“Paddy Power knew or suspected there was something wrong and had the accused as a monitored customer and seemed to be slow in either reporting it or detecting it. Again that is quite extraordinary.” he added, before imposing a five-year jail sentence on Crowley, which he then suspended.



Source: Irish Examiner

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