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Joe Girardi pushes to legalize sports betting

Joe Girardi pushes to legalize sports betting

Former Yankee manager Joe Girardi stated that he wanted sports betting to be legalized but it should be done in a way that 'protects the integrity' of professional baseball.

Girardi was representing Major League Baseball in Albany as governor Cuomo and lawmakers debated whether to legalize sports betting after a recent Supreme Court ruling gave its verdict in favour of sports wagering.

Currently only four upstate casinos have the right to offer sports betting, if approved by Congress or the Supreme Court.

As of now state law granted them the rights, but the Gaming Commission would be establishing new rules before the first bet can be taken.

Girardi said that sports betting is a fait accompli and it should be done right away. "The law is coming and I think that it is important for New York to be out in the forefront and approve and pass something which upholds the spirit of the game this session," he told the reporters.

"I don't think that we can wait, it's all about integrity of the game and we cannot compromise on that."

Girardi said he would leave it to legislators, MLB and the casinos to craft a sports betting law.