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Brazil to regulate sports betting?

Brazil to regulate sports betting?

The span and reach of illegal sports betting markets in Brazil is not exactly known but it is estimated to be much larger than previously thought and increasing exponentially due to the hype surrounding the World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Along with the increase in illegal sports betting activity comes fear of match fixing, especially because of the volume of money involved, and issues on integrity of teams, clubs, players and staff.

The key to stopping and preventing match fixing lies in regulating the betting activity. This is exactly what happened during the olympic Games of 2012 in London, when the Joint Assesment Unit was set up by the International Olympic Commitee, the UK Gambling Commission and most licensed local and international operators to monitor game activity and report and curfew any suspicious activity.

Brazil is currently preparing to host the first Brazilian Gaming Congress in November to debate integrity and security in sports.

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