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Risk Free Bitcoin Sports Bet

What is a Risk Free Bitcoin Sports Bet?

A risk free Bitcoin sports bet is when the sports book allows you to place a bet on a specific event and should you lose then they will credit back the Bitcoins that you lost on the event. This means that you have a risk free chance of winning extra Bitcoins which can boost your bankroll. Risk free bets is a promotion that is offered to players that are already betting within a sports book, as a sort of loyalty reward for staying with them.

You will need to have Bitcoins in your account to take advantage of such a promotions, since you will be placing your own Bitcoins as the bet amount to begin with. Once the match is over you will either get your winnings or you will be credited back the losses you encountered. These promotions has a maximum bet amount attached to them always, which means that you cannot just go all in and bet 10 Bitcoins on the match and expect to get it all back if you lose. Instead you will need to read the terms and conditions for the risk free bet and see what the maximum amount the Bitcoin sports book will credit back to your account if you lose. 

How Do I Get it?

Risk free Bitcoin bets are not something that a lot of Bitcoin sports books offers to their players as it is right now, either because they don't have the customer base for it or simply because their platform is not developed to handle it. You will be able to see if a sports book offers the promotion if you go to the different sports book websites and look in their promotions section. There you will be able to see if they offer this kind of promotion and what the terms for receiving it is. Another way to find Bitcoin sports books that offers risk free Bitcoin bets is by having a look in our Games Section, where you will find the currently running promotions of our partners.

You will find detailed reviews of all the Bitcoin sports book sites that we believe offers something positive to the players, see screenshots of their platform and find all of the promotions including their terms. If you find a Bitcoin sports book that offers risk free Bitcoin bets, then simply click on the link in the review and you are on your way to having a risk free bet.

Which Games Can I Use it On?

The games that you can use your risk free bets on is decided solely by the Bitcoin sports book. They will announce which game you can place a risk free Bitcoin bet on and how much they will cover if you should be so unlucky to lose. Risk free bets cannot be used for whatever match that you want to bet on and will commonly be offered when there is a big match in Champions League or any other major tournament.

Can I Withdraw my Winnings?

Sure you can, the site will not keep you from withdrawing the winnings that you make with your risk free Bitcoin bet as it is your own Bitcoins that you bet with. The risk free bets are also considered as a part of the loyalty rewards scheme that a sports book offers to their customers, so for them to not allow you to cash out winnings you made with your own Bitcoins would be ludicrous.

Should I Take Risk Free Bitcoin Sports Bets?

We recommend that you always accept a risk free Bitcoin sports bet, simply because there is nothing to lose for you. If you lose the bet, then you get your Bitcoins back and if you win, then you won additional Bitcoins to your bankroll.