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Luckygames Review

Luckygames is an online cryptocurrency gaming site founded in 2016, which is now one of the more popular choices amongst cryptocurrency gamers around the world. The site is available in both English and Russian language and has since its birth had more than 100.000 user registrations and has had more than bets made.

The site has a very modern and clean look to it, which is quite uncommon in the Bitcoin gaming industry. It is very easy to navigate around and it is easy on the eye while you play. You can see how many players are currently playing a game, you can see all bets update in real time to see if someone is winning and you can also see your own bets to see how lucky you have been.

House Edge

Luckygames offers the industry standard 1% house edge on all of the games they currently have. The 1% is quite low compared to traditional casino sites, which can be upwards of 15%, but it is not the lowest you'll find for Bitcoin casino games. That being said, 1% is quite a fair edge to have as an operator to cover all the costs and the site also provides monthly contests where you can win extra Bitcoins to make the edge for the site even smaller.

With a 1% house edge you can be sure that you can play for a long period of time if you stick to a solid bankroll management strategy and you will see that you actually win when you play. How often you win is of course determined by your luck and the odds that you choose to gamble on, as we all know that the lower the odds, the lower the chance of winning.

Like most other cryptocurrency gaming sites, Luckygames provides you with the possibility to see if the games are actually fair or not. This is done by integrating a provably fair system where users can check their bet against a server and see if the outcome is correct or not. There's a whole explanation towards how this works on the site under the “fair” tap, where you can also check your own bets.

Browser Games

There's nothing worse than having to download a client to play some casino games and Luckygames are quite aware of that. So they did what most others in the industry has done and created all of their games “browser ready”, meaning that they are ready to be played directly from your internet browser no matter where you are. All you need to do is to open up an internet browser on any pc and enter your username and password and you are ready to play.

Once you have created your user, you simply need to make a deposit in the cryptocurrency of your choice and then you are ready to gamble. You have five different games to choose from which includes the traditional casino game of Roulette, “Cell” where you simply press different cells and if you are lucky you get a multiplier on your bet, “Hacker” where you press squares and your odds of “hacking” goes up and thus you can win a prize as well as their popular “Balls” game where you simply choose how much you want to bet on which ball a magnet will pick up and if it picks yours up you win.

Finally the site offers the most popular game of them all, the oldschool dice game. Here you simply choose how much you want to bet, what your win chance needs to be and if you want to roll under or over. From there the dice rolls a number and if you hit it correctly you win a prize. The game is quite simple but it is very fun to play and can provide countless hours of fun. You can set all the games to run automatically, where you simply enter what you want to bet and let it run from there until you stop it.

All the games have a minimum bet of 1 satoshi and a maximum bet of 0.1 Bitcoin or equal in other cryptocurrencies, allowing both those who wants to play for next to nothing to have some fun, but also for the highrollers to have their chance at winning some high prizes.

Currencies, Deposits and Withdrawals

Luckygames offers a wide variety of different cryptocurrencies to play with. They have all the popular ones such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Monero, but overall they offer more than 44 different cryptocurrencies to play with. This allows you to play with almost any cryptocurrency that you could think of and creates a fun environment for thousands of users around the world.

Making a deposit into Luckygames is quite easy. You simply choose the currency you want to deposit in the menu and press the “Deposit” button. From there a pop-up will show up with the unique wallet code you need to send the cryptocurrency to or you can scan the QR code also shown if you prefer that. The funds will be in your account after one confirmation, so it doesn't take long to show up in your account.

The same goes for any withdrawals you want to make. Press the “Withdrawal” button after selecting which cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and insert your wallet address, amount you want withdraw and choosing how fast you want the withdrawal to hit your wallet. You can choose from three different options in speed and the fee for these varies from 0.0005 coins to 0.001.


Luckygames offers a monthly promotion to all the users that plays in their site, giving them a chance to win some Bitcoins to add to their bankroll, as well as VIP status in Luckygames. The promotion is quite simple as users simply have to wager as much as possible over the course of a month. This means that it doesn't matter if you lose or win, you simply have to place as many bets as possible and then you may have a chance at winning a prize.

You can always follow the leaderboard directly on the site and see how much the top players have wagered in the site, so you know how much you have to play to catch up with those currently winning the prizes. Once the competition is over, you'll get the prize inserted directly on your account and you can withdraw it or play with it.


It is quite easy to get in touch with Luckygames as they offer different channels to contact them on. You can chat with them live on the site, where several livechat operators are standing by to help you with any issue that you may have. Outside of operating hours you can send them an email through the “Contact Us” button and receive help that way through.

You can also ask questions in the common chat on the site and get help from other users or check out their BitcoinTalk thread, where the operators respond to any questions, problems or criticism around the clock.

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