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Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

What is a Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus?

A Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is a special type of bonus, where the casino or affiliate offers new players the opportunity to try out the casino with free Bitcoins. These free Bitcoins will be provided to all players joining the Bitcoin casino under the terms that is being provided upon registration and gives players a chance to not only try out the platform for free, but also provides them with the chance to win even more Bitcoins completely risk free.

No deposit bonuses are ideal for players who are not sure if they want to deposit on a site, as they are not sure about if they will like the games they provide or similar reasons. It is a marketing tool that the Bitcoin casino sites use to acquire new customers and have a bigger database of players that they can potentially do retention work with. No deposit bonuses are however quite rare in the Bitcoin industry, simply because most sites prefers to offer anonymous games, making it more difficult to reach out to the players and get them to deposit their own Bitcoins to play with, as well as due to the low edge that Bitcoin casino sites have over the player. 

The biggest Bitcoin casino sites such as Betcoin and Cloudbet offers these bonuses from time to time, as it is a great way of showing players the benefits of playing casino games with Bitcoins.

How Do I Get a Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus?

Finding a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus can be quite difficult if you want to find them on your own, as very few sites are offering this type of promotion to their players. However there are some that offers this to players, simply because they want to create a better brand awareness. We have found the best Bitcoin casino sites that offers this type of promotion and listed them in our Games Section, where you can see exactly what you will be getting and what the rules for receiving the free Bitcoins are.

You will also find a detailed review about the casino site that offers this type of promotion, including information about the software, the games and everything else that you would like to know about the casino before playing there. This makes it easy for you to compare the offers we have for you and find the place that you think is the best for you to play on with your free Bitcoins.

What are the Rules of a Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus?

When you receive free Bitcoins to play on a Bitcoin casino site, there are certain rules that comes along with the promotion. This is to ensure that the casino will not lose too much money on a promotion like this and ensure that everything is fair, both for the players and for the casino. Let's have a look at some of the things you have to be aware of when you accept a Bitcoin no deposit bonus:

Eligibility: There may be different requirements before you can get free Bitcoins to play casino games with. The most common requirements is that you have never been registered with the Bitcoin casino site before, so that they are not giving you free Bitcoins several times or already has been an active player looking for free Bitcoins to play with.

Wagering Requirements: Before you will be able to withdraw any of your winnings from the no deposit bonus, you will always need to wager the amount of Bitcoins you got a certain amount of times, so that you don't just withdraw the money instantly and the site loses money. You will commonly have to wager the no deposit bonus around 20-30 times the amount you received, to give a fair chance for  the casino to win its money back.

Games: In some cases the free Bitcoins will be locked from certain games, so that you can only play specific games with them. In that case it will be clearly stated on the site which games you can play and which will be locked, so you don't get free Bitcoins to play roulette and its only eligible for slots.

Deposit to Withdraw: Many Bitcoin casino sites has a requirement that you need to deposit Bitcoins in order to withdraw your no deposit bonus winnings. This has been made to ensure them against fraud and you will be allowed to withdraw both the winnings and your deposit once you have made your first deposit to the site.

Should I Always Take a No Deposit Bonus?

That depends on the type of player that you are. If you have no intensions of gambling with your own money at any point, then you should always take the no deposit bonuses and try out your luck. It will be completely risk free for you and you will have the chance to win free Bitcoins that you can use for something else.

However if you are looking to actually deposit and play with your own Bitcoins at one point, then it is much better to read the terms and conditions of the promotion to make sure that if you take the bonus that you will still be eligible for the other promotions the site has afterwards. If you will not be eligible for any further promotions, it might be better for you to not take the no deposit bonus.

You can find Bitcoin No Deposit Bonuses with some casino sites such as Cloudbet and Betcoin, providing players with some coins to try out the games and get them started.