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Bitcoin Poker Rake Chase

Bitcoin Poker rake chases is a similar promotion to rake races, with the main difference being that players do not race against other players, but rather chase their own individual targets. Both are meant to provide players with extra value, but rake chases can work better for most players as it usually offers multiple targets that players can go for.

Many regular poker sites have hosted rake chases for their players over the years, since it is a good promotional tool to get players to increase their rake as well as make the sites able to give more value back to the players, however it is not something that many Bitcoin poker sites offers. Rake chases are popular due to the fact that all types of players can participate in them because of its multiple rake targets. Rake chases have a lower risk for the poker sites to offer than a normal rake race, because in a normal rake race they have to add the prizes and pay them out no matter how much the players rake, where in rake chases the players have to hit targets to get their prize, meaning that the site will almost always get everything covered and not end up with a loss.

Many smaller sites still do rake chase promotions, while the bigger sites now have switched to doing rake races instead, just divided into different categories if they want to cater to the small raking players. Rake chase targets usually have a maximum amount of players that can win at each rake target, so be sure to reach the level you want to reach as soon as possible, to avoid not getting a prize.

So when you join a online poker site, check if they offer any rake chase promotions to maximize the value for yourself and make it more fun to play.

How does a Rake Chase work?

It doesn't take much to understand the principles of a rake chase. Basically a rake chase is a added value promotion to players, where they have to rake a certain amount of money to get a higher percentage of their rake paid back.

When a site begins to promote a rake chase, you will be able to see which rake targets they have set, how big the prize is for each target and how many players they will pay. Some sites pays all players, while some sites only pays a certain amount of players that reach the levels first. So to give an example of a rake chase with multiple targets and prizes:

Monthly Rake


10 Bitcoin

2 Bitcoins

5 Bitcoins

0.850 Bitcoin

1 Bitcoin

0.150 Bitcoin

0.5 Bitcoin

0.06 Bitcoin

0.250 Bitcoin

0.03 BItcoin

So if you manage to rake 1 Bitcoin in a month, you will receive a 0.150 Bitcoin prize, which adds up to 15% extra value. If you reach some of the other targets you will get the prize and the additional value which it brings. 

If a site has limited winners of each level, they will provide a leaderboard showing which players have qualified for each target first, but if they let everyone win if they reach a target, they will simply just pay you the money when the promotion is over, directly to your poker account. 

How do I participate in a Rake Chase?

When you join a poker site that offers a rake chase promotion, you will need to check if you are automatically qualified to participate in the promotion, if you have to opt-in to the promotion or if there are any requirements you need to fulfill to participate. If you have to opt-in to the promotion, this can usually be done by opting-in directly on the promotion page or by contacting the sites support. If you have to fulfill some requirements to participate, they will be listed on the promotion page and once fulfilled you can contact the site to participate.

Sometimes the rake chase promotion is exclusive to an affiliate. In that case you will have to contact your affiliate to know how you can participate in the promotion. Most of the times, you will automatically participate in the promotion if you sign up via the affiliate, but always contact them to be sure that you are participating.

Once you have successfully opted-in to participate in the rake chase promotion, there is nothing left to do than begin to play and rake to reach your target. Unless other is stated, the rake collected from all types of games will count towards the chase and you can play whatever game you want to, to collect a prize.

If the rake chase has limited winners per target, you can follow who has reached the targets first and how many spots are still available directly on the site or by contacting your affiliate.

Can I get other promotions with the Rake Chase?

Rake chases are more often than not an additional value promotion to the promotions you are already participating in. This means that you should be able to keep your rakeback/VIP/Cashback system as well as bonus while taking advantage of a rake chase.

The best players can experience high returns of up to 60% combined with all other promotions while grinding out a rake chase. But even small stakes players can get incredibly high returns just by winning the smallest targets. Many players move around from site to site to take full advantage of all the rake chases they can and optimize their win rate.

Always make sure to check if any rake chase winning will be deducted from any other promotion you are taking part in and if that is the case, figure out which promotion gives you the most value.