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First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonuses is one of the most popular promotions that Bitcoin poker sites offers to their players. They offer a high return of the rake for players and helps them increase their bankroll while they are playing. Bonuses are in general a very important part of the value a poker player can get while playing, with other bonus promotions such as Reload Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses

First deposit bonuses have existed more or less since the beginning of online poker, being the first type of promotion that was created for players that enjoyed to play poker online and not in real life. Most poker sites today offers players a good first deposit bonus with a good percentage, sometimes providing players with bonuses up to 10 times the size of their deposit. Unlike in other gambling related businesses, first deposit bonuses in poker has to be wagered to be released to the player, because players are playing against other players and not the house. Wagering requirements differs from site to site, but always provide good value. Below you will find a great guide explaining everything there is to know about first deposit bonuses, making you ready to go out and take full advantage of the huge market of bonuses there is available.

What is a First Deposit Bonus?

A first deposit bonus, is the bonus that you receive on your very first deposit. The bonus is offered to new customers, to provide them with extra value while they play and they will eventually have received free money by the site from playing poker. First deposit bonuses is one of the most important things to get when you deposit money into a poker site, ensuring that you will receive a higher part of the rake you pay to the site back.

First deposit bonuses ranges from 25-1,000% extra on the amount you deposit to a Bitcoin poker site up to a fixed amount, but the money are not instantly funded to your account as you will have to wager out the money in small increments. Since poker is not a game against the house, the sites cannot give players the bonus money upfront, as there is a big chance for the site that the player will lose the money before he has raked enough to cover the amount for the sites. So to prevent losing a lot of money, poker sites always creates first deposit bonuses that has to be raked to be released. Despite this, first deposit bonuses are great to take advantage of when you join a new poker room, giving you more money to play with overall.

Where can I get a First Deposit Bonus?

Some of the newer Bitcoin poker sites offers you the chance to get a first deposit bonus on your first deposit that you make, but it is not something that is very common yet. The sites offering it will usually have a very good reward system in place for the players, so that they get a higher return of their rake, than the sites that doesn't offer it.

You can see which Bitcoin poker rooms that offers you a first deposit bonus, by having a look in our cryptocurrency games menu where all of our offers are listed. 

What rules does a First Deposit Bonus have?

When you join a site and do your first deposit to receive the first deposit bonus, there are some things that you need to be aware of before doing so. Poker sites all offers different bonuses, different wagering requirements and so on, so we have taken the most important things to look for in first deposit bonus:

Wagering Requirements: Any first deposit bonus that a poker site offers, have different wagering requirements to receive the full bonus. It is important to calculate exactly how much rake you have to pay to receive the full bonus amount and see if it's possible for you to rake that much. This will also give you an idea about how many percentage the bonus is worth in rakeback value.

Time Limits: Next thing to look for is how long a period you have to grind out the first deposit bonus. Some sites offers only 30 days, while others lets it continue until it has been played out completely. Only choose bonuses that you have a chance to release, so you won't end up grinding for no reason.

Payout rules: The payout rules for a first deposit is if not the most important thing, then one of the most things to look for. This will show you if the first deposit bonus is paid out in smaller increments or if you have to play out the entire bonus before you will receive any Bitcoins in your account. First deposit bonuses with smaller increments is always preferable as you will always get some Bitcoins out of a bonus even if you cannot complete the whole bonus before it expires.

Bonus Percentage: The bonus percentage is also important, as it shows you how much you will get out of the first deposit bonus. For example, if a site offers a 200% bonus, it means that your bonus amount will be doubled and you can play free 2 Bitcoins if you deposit 1 Bitcoin.

Maximum Bonus Amount: Almost all first deposit bonuses have a max amount of money that can be deposited along with receiving a bonus. This means that if a bonus says 100% up to 2 Bitcoins, you will not receive more than 2 Bitcoins in bonus if you deposit over that amount. If you are looking to deposit 4 Bitcoinsit might be better for you to find a first deposit bonus that covers this amount instead of settling for a smaller bonus.

Should I always take a First Deposit Bonus?

There are some cases where you might be better off just using the other promotions the Bitcoin poker sites are offering, but in most cases you should take the first deposit bonus as they are designed to provide players with a lot of value while playing. The best thing to do is to calculate what way you will get the biggest return of your rake and choose that. If you have any doubts about what you get the most value out of, the site or your affiliate can help you calculate what is best for you in the long run. 

Can I take advantage of other promotions while getting a First Deposit Bonus?

When you join a Bitcoin poker room and use their first deposit bonus, you will in most cases also be eligible to use their other promotions such as a rakeback/VIP/Cashback system, rake races or rake chases. In some cases the first deposit bonus has such a high return of the rake, that you will only be able to use that and not use it at the same time as you receive rakeback/VIP/Cashback payments. When you join a poker site, most sites will inform you about if this is possible or not, but in case you have any doubts you can always contact the sites directly and get a straight answer.

Using other promotions while clearing the first deposit bonus can give players high returns of up to 60% and in some cases even more. This means that it's great value to take advantage of as many promotions as the poker site allows you to do, to get the highest possible return of the money you pay to the site.