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Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin sports betting is something that is relatively new to the Bitcoin industry and has yet to see any sites become well known and established. You are not able to bet with regular money in the Bitcoin sports books, but only able to bet with your Bitcoins and sometimes also Litecoins. The European market for Bitcoin betting is not very large as it is right now, simply because of the fact that the Bitcoin sports books cannot compete with all the large and established sports books that are based within Europe. In American however there are some Bitcoin sports books that are having some decent success, due to Americans having a hard time betting on sports on offshore sites, as deposits and withdrawals can take a very long time.

You can find several unserious and serious Bitcoin betting sites today, who offers either a very small variety of games and odds as well as some offering all the major events with competitive odds. On the larger Bitcoin sports books you will find odds on all the major football leagues, American football, baseball and other large sports. The industry is growing, however not as fast as poker and casino has done it and we believe that within one years' time there will be some major Bitcoin sports books that will be able to compete with the regular established sports books.

Bitcoin sports books are a great way for American players to place bets on sports, but is also a great alternative for Europeans who wants faster withdrawals and the chance to bet anonymously. The Bitcoin sports books doesn't require you to send in your personal documents for betting on their site and accepts players from every country in the world. This allows Americans to bet without having to worry about cash out times as well as every seeing their money from an offshore betting site. The odds are fair and as long as you stick to one of the larger sites you will not have to worry about being cheated out of your Bitcoins.

What is the Difference Between Bitcoin Sports Betting and Regular Sports Betting?

There is not a lot of differences between a regular sports book where you bet for fiat money and a Bitcoin sports book where you bet with Bitcoins, besides the obvious difference in what you bet with. There is yet to enter any of the established sports books on the Bitcoin market, so until this happens Bitcoin betting will still be a niche for few players.

One of the biggest differences is the amount of different events that players can bet on, as the Bitcoin sports books haven't fully developed a betting platform on the same level as regular sports books have. This means that you will not be able to find as many niche leagues and events to bet on, but there will still be all the biggest events and leagues to bet on. The platforms are usually developed by the Bitcoin sports book, which means that some features and alternative betting options are missing and that odds doesn't update as regularly as you will be used to. This can however be in your advantage as you might be able to find better odds on the games through a Bitcoin sports book than through a regular sports book.

Another difference is the minimum betting amount that you are allowed to place on a event. With regular sports books you will commonly have a minimum betting amount of $/£/€0.1 to £/$/€1, while you with most Bitcoin sports books can bet down to 0.0001 Bitcoin on a match, equal to around $0.08, which is slightly lower and better for people who just want to bet for fun.

Lastly you will not have to verify your identity when you bet on Bitcoin sports books, since they believe in anonymous betting. With regular sports books you will have to send in your personal documents in order to have your withdrawals processed, as the sites have a license and have to follow the rules to keep that. 

Are the Odds Better With Bitcoin Sports Books?

In general you will find slightly lower odds on the Bitcoin sports books, as they are relatively new to the industry and are vulnerable towards professional betters. So to keep them away in general they will offer slightly lower odds to not attract the sharks of betting to their sites and make it sustainable for them. However in some events you might be able to find better odds with a Bitcoin sports book simply because they haven't adjusted the odds accordingly with the rest of the market. This is where it becomes even more profitable to bet through a Bitcoin sports book instead of a regular sports book. 

Where Can I Bet With Bitcoins?

There are lots of different Bitcoin sports books currently available on the market, but many of the sites are in no way professional and simply integrate their own type of platform which is nothing like the standards that betters are used to. To help you find the best Bitcoin sports betting sites, which are at the same time safe and legitimate, we have found the sites that lives up to our standards for a sports book and displayed them in our Games Section.

There you will find a list of the best Bitcoin sports books as well as the best Bitcoin poker and Bitcoin casino sites. You will be able to see what promotions the sports book is offering to their players, detailed review of the site itself as well as see which leagues and events that it is possible to bet with Bitcoins on. You can also see screenshots of the betting platform, so you can see if it is something that you find attractive to bet on or not. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes

Bitcoin sports book sites have fast deposits and withdrawals, as Bitcoin transfers doesn't take much longer than an hour in total. When you are doing a deposit to the site you will have to deposit to your unique deposit address and once the Bitcoins has been processed from your Bitcoin wallet, it will arrive in your sports betting account within one hour and usually faster. When the Bitcoins have landed in your account there is nothing left to do then to start betting and winning some extra Bitcoins.

For withdrawals it will take a little longer than one hour before you receive the Bitcoins back to your wallet. This is because the sports book needs some time to process the withdrawal from their system, but once it has been processed you should receive them within one hour. In general withdrawals takes from a couple of hours and up to 48 hours depending on the site, but should it take longer then we recommend that you contact the site and find out why you haven't received them.