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Betcoin Dice

Betcoin Dice Review

Betcoin Dice

Betcoin Dice is one of the most popular Bitcoin dice sites in the Asia/Pacific area, targeting mainly players from there but also accept all other players of course. They do a lot of advertising across the Bitcoin community and claims to provide the highest instant Bitcoin payouts in the world and that you can become a millionaire with just one game.

The minimum bet amount in Betcoin Dice is 0.01 Bitcoin, while the maximum is 888 Bitcoins. This allows both hobby players and the serious gambler to play here and with payouts of up to 64,000 times the bet amount. There has currently been won more than 46,199 Bitcoins on the site, worth around $25-28 million and the number increases every single minute as players continues to play with Betcoin Dice.

House Edge

Betcoin Dice has a very low house edge of around 2-2.5% depending on which bet you choose to place. This provides you not only with a very high chance of winning lots of Bitcoins, it also provides a fair chance which is not common for regular dice games. You can also follow the winnings and losses of other players in the global games, where the bet seed, amount and result is shown, providing you with proof of the house edge.

Betcoin Dice

Browser Game

When you want to play on Betcoin Dice you won't need to download any platform to place a bet. Once you visit the site you will have an account created automatically and have your own unique dice bets displayed. Unlike other Bitcoin dice sites where you have to make deposits and withdrawals, Betcoin Dice has taken a different approach and simply made it so you send Bitcoins to the bet you want and once it has been settled they return your winnings to the Bitcoin wallet you used to place the bet. The bets are placed instantly as they don't need any confirmations from the Bitcoin network, allowing you to place hundreds of bets every single day if you would want to do so.

To place a bet on the dice you will need to go to the "My Games" section, where you'll find a list of different bets with different odds. It is not possible to create your own dice bet where you adjust the odds to your liking and so on, but only possible to choose the ones that are on the list provided to you. This eliminates some possibilities of course, but they still have more than enough possibilities for players to bet on. Each bet displays the minimum and maximum betting amount and everything below or above that amount will be send back to your Bitcoin wallet minus the transaction fee.

The graphics on the site is very standard for a Bitcoin dice site, trying to provide you with the Asian feeling while playing. It is easy to navigate through the site and find the necessary information that you are looking for.

Betcoin Dice


Betcoin Dice is not a common Bitcoin dice site, as they offer a very good promotion to their players called Dice Player League. The dice player league is basically a leaderboard based promotion, split into five different ranking systems. The different leagues are called Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond and depending on the amount of Bitcoins that you wager in a month, you will be placed in one of the leagues.

For each Bitcoin wagered, players receive 10 points towards the leaderboard and if you finish in the top three in any of the five different rankings, you'll receive a prize accordingly which goes from 0.003 Bitcoin and all the way up to 100 Bitcoins. You can read more about this promotion on their website.

Betcoin Dice

Deposits and Cash Outs

You won't be making any deposits or cash outs per se when you play with Betcoin Dice. Instead you will simply need to send the Bitcoins you want to bet on a specific roll to a Bitcoin address and if you win you will receive the winnings back instantly after. This means that you don't have to have Bitcoins on a site that has no license, ensuring that you can never really get scammed in any way.


Getting in touch with Betcoin Dice can be done by filling out the contact form on their website. Once it has been submitted, you'll receive a reply to your request within 24 hours on your email which is a good timeframe for a support department.