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Bitcoin Poker Rake Race

A Bitcoin poker Rake Race is a promotional tool used by Bitcoin poker sites to reward players that pays more than the average player in rake. The rake race makes it possible for the sites to reward these players even more for their high revenue, by giving them a race with a pre-determined prize pool and players have to race their way into the paid rankings. The player who then rakes the most in the period will receive the first prize, the second biggest raker will receive the second prize and so on. The Bitcoins added in standard rake races is added by the poker room and is therefore extra value to play about and not something you as a player has to pay for.

The rake race was invented around 2004 where the first official rake race took place. At the time, promotions about players rake such as rakeback were not very common and most players didn't see any value in the promotion. This changed rapidly over the years, with many of the biggest poker sites in the world now offering rake races to their customers due to the high demand for them. It's a relatively new phenomenon in Bitcoin poker, but it is getting more widespread now.  Rake races are great for high raking players as it gives them a chance to get an even higher return, but can sometimes also be good value for hobby players as sites in recent years have begun to do races for them as well.

So when you join a poker room, make sure to check if they have any rake race you can take part of and see if you can get some extra value while playing. Rake races usually have between 0.5 Bitcoin to 3 Bitcoins in total prize pools and spans from one week to three months depending on the site. 

How does a Rake Race Work?

So to break down exactly how a Bitcoin rake race works, it is actually quite simple. When you are playing on a site that has a rake race as a promotion, all you have to do is rake as much as possible in the period of the race, to try and either win the race or at least end in the payouts.

All rake races have a prize pool set from before it begins. The money in the prize pool is added by the poker site or network and is a tool to get players to play and more and acquire new high raking customers. You will not be paying for a rake race, as the site pays the full prize pool with their money.

When the site starts to promote the rake race, it will usually show how many players get paid in the race and what prize they will win for each position. When the race has started, they will update the rankings every day so players can keep track of where they are in the overall standings. The ranking will either show how much the players have raked or show rake race points. You can use both to see if you will be able to finish in the payouts with the current amount of rake you do daily or if you have to play more to get a prize.

When the race has finished, the site will update the rankings for the final time and the players who has finished in the payouts will get their prize paid directly to their poker account within reasonable time. Once these money land in your account, it's your choice if you want to play with the money or cash them out. The race have at least provided you with some extra value while playing Bitcoin poker, which should never be looked negative upon on.

How do I participate in a Bitcoin Rake Race?

When you have joined a site that offers a rake race promotion you will need to check if you are automatically a part of the race or if you have to opt-in. Most sites uses the opt-in option so only the players that are interested in the promotion will participate and the other players that might not want their nickname shown online will not be forced to participate.

If the rake race is hosted by an affiliate, you will need to check with your affiliate if you are participating in the race or not and opt-in with them instead of doing it with the site you are playing on.

Once you have opted-in to participate in the rake race, it is time to start raking to have a chance to win a prize. You can follow your status on the sites leaderboard which is updated daily or if it is hosted by your affiliate, by contacting your affiliate to get the latest standings.

Can I get other promotions with the Rake Race?

Since Bitcoin rake races are usually a special promotion running on the site to provide extra value to the players, you will be able to keep your rakeback/VIP system, bonuses or other promotions you may have while grinding out a rake race.

If you are a good grinder, you can experience returns of over 70% of your rake when you combine rakeback/VIP system, bonus and a rake race. This is one of the reasons why they have become so popular over the years, with players paying more and more in rake to the sites, the good grinders can experience even more money in return, making it possible for them to make a living just playing to rake instead of playing to win.

Always check with the site you are playing on if any prize won in the rake race will be deducted from other payments that you were supposed to get, to see if it is worth your time to participate or not.