Dogecoin Alternative Coin

Play with Dogecoins

One of the most popular things to do with the Dogecoin is to gamble with them, whether it’ll be on poker, casino or dice games. Dogecoin casino sites are in general among the best you can find for cryptocurrencies, as they mix good entertainment with the relaxed atmosphere of the Dogecoin.

There are a variety of different sites currently accepting Dogecoin as a payment method, some are copy of other sites and others are very original and fun to play on. Below you can find a list of the best Dogecoin sites where you can play poker, casino and dice games and we will continue to update the list every time we find a new, fun and reliable site for you to play on:

Pocket Rockets Casino – In Pocket Rockets Casino you can play Blackjack against the house, with a high maximum bet amount and a high chance of winning. You can also play poker in many different  variants, using Dogecoins. You can choose between Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Open Face Chinese poker and there are many different levels to play on.

Cloud-Dice – Cloud-Dice is a regular dice site, where you can bet on what the dice will roll and win a good amount of Dogecoins. You simply choose how high a chance you want of winning, how much you want to bet and if you want to bet on it rolling over or under and you’re all set to play. It takes a few seconds to learn, but provides many hours of fun.

What is a Dogecoin?

The Dogecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that was created in 2013 as a joke towards the Doge meme that was extremely popular online at that point. The Dogecoin however became extremely popular from the beginning and people loved the idea behind a unserious coin on the surface that had multiple purposes and such an extreme amount that you could basically do whatever you wanted to do with the coins. It was created by the IBM engineer Billy Markus in corporation with Jackson Palmer and took only a few weeks to create from when the idea was born. While the other alternative coins on the market was suffering due to the Bitcoin decreasing in value because of the Chinese market leaving the Bitcoin, the Dogecoin continued to grow in value and increased its value with over 900% the first month it was available to the general public. In the end of December 2013 the Dogecoin had such a high volume transaction wise that it was the most traded cryptocurrency, surpassing Bitcoins and Litecoins by far.

The Dogecoin is based on the Litecoin protocols, using the same scrypt technology in its proof-of-work algorithms. In total there will be mined 100 billion Dogecoins, which makes it one of the currencies with the most coins going into circulation, which also means that it will always have a very low value per coin. The Dogecoin community is well known for being extremely generous and donates thousands of Dogecoins towards charities as well as having raised enough money to send the Jamaican Bobsled team to the winter Olympics in Russia in 2014. It has also become the most tipped cryptocurrency and is looking to develop a Facebook application where users can instantly tip each other through the application.

The Dogecoin has been vulnerable towards hacking attacks and had its main wallet hacked in December 2013, where hackers stole worth of $12,000 of Dogecoins. The security issue was quickly resolved by the community and Dogecoin is now working hard towards avoiding any potential security holes where the coin can be exploited.

The Dogecoin is currently the 7th biggest cryptocurrency measured on the market capitalization, having a market value of around $59 million and with 33.7 billion Dogecoins in circulation currently. The value of a Dogecoin is highly volatile currently, due to it being a new currency, but can in general be purchased at around $0.0018 per coin, giving it an extremely low value per coin. The community behind Dogecoin continues to support it and has shown great positivity despite the fact that there has been a major security problem and that it has a low value in general. 

What Can I Use It For?

The Dogecoin can be used for different purposes depending on what it is you are looking for. Most Dogecoin holders are using the coins to be able to transfer money to each other quickly as well as for investment purposes. However due to its volatile nature it is not recommendable to invest the Dogecoin in its current state, but wait until it has stabilized a little more, so you don’t end up losing 3/4 of your investment in a few hours time. Another use of the Dogecoin is to play the Dogecoin Dice game where you can win more Dogecoins against the house having a small edge of only 1%. Whatever you want to use them for is entirely up to you and it has the same benefits as other cryptocurrencies.