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Bitcoin Casino House Edge

What is a House Edge?

A house edge is the edge that a casino site has over its players, meaning that if a casino has a house edge of 1% it will on average win 1 Bitcoin per 100 Bitcoins played with from the users. However it is never that simple to calculate as many different players win and lose and since it occurs randomly who wins, the casino site might win more than 1% of the Bitcoins played with one month and then lose Bitcoins to the players the next month. The house edge is calculated over a long period of time and takes volume to stabilize.

Most sites will have their house edge shown on the site, along with proof of how their house edge has been calculated. If a site doesn't show any documentation for their house edge, either in terms of what they claim it is or how it was calculated, then you are probably better of playing another place as you cannot be certain if they are cheating you or not. So always check what the house edge of the casino you want to play on is. 

What Difference Does it Make?

It makes a big difference for you as a player, as a higher house edge gives you a way smaller chance of actually winning Bitcoins with the Bitcoins you are playing with. The lower the house edge is, the more your chances of winning increases and the more fair the games are for everyone. The casino will always win long term, but every player has a good chance of winning Bitcoins when the house edge is very low.

If you don't care about how high the house edge is, then that is something that you have decided to not care about, but for players who are aware that casino games is a gamble, it is something to be aware of to increase the chances of winning. The lower the edge, the higher the chances for you to win Bitcoins instead of losing them.

Regular casino sites generally have an edge of around 3-15% depending on the games they offer, while most Bitcoin casinos have an edge from around 0.5-3%.

Where Can I Find the Lowest House Edge?

You will be able to see on every single serious Bitcoin casino site exactly what their house edge is and the proof of such. If a site doesn't show their house edge in any sort of way, it is because they want to hide that they are a money machine and just want to grab your Bitcoins and not give you a fair chance of winning. So always stick with the sites that provides proof of what their house edge is in the games.

We have provided a list of the different biggest and best Bitcoin casino's along with their house edge in our Games Section, where you can see exactly what the chances of you winning is as well as read more information about the casino in our detailed review. This provides you with easy comparison of the different casinos and see where you will have the highest chance of winning, the most fun and the best promotions.

Should I Stay Away From Sites With a Higher House Edge?

Well that depends on what kind of casino player you are. If you have specific games that you enjoy playing and don't mind having a smaller chance of winning, then you should simply just play the sites with the games you like and not worry so much about the house edge in general. If you are simply unaware of the fact that sites have different house edges, then you should stay away from the sites with a higher edge and fall in love with games that has a fair edge over you.

For experienced players who simply just want to the kick and thrill from playing casino games and don't really care what game it is, then we recommend that you always stick to the sites with the lowest possible house edge and ditch the ones with a high house edge. This way your Bitcoins will not only last much longer, but you also have a fair chance of actually winning Bitcoins that you can use for something else.