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Bitcoin Poker Reload Bonus

Bitcoin Poker reload bonuses is a promotional tool used by poker sites to reactivate customers, get current customers to deposit more Bitcoins or as a loyalty promotion to players that have played a long time on the same site. Bonuses are an important part of all poker sites promotion packages and they provide a lot of extra value to players. There are several different kinds of bonuses with the most popular being Reload Bonuses, First Deposit Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses

Reload bonuses was a very popular promotion that many sites used for all players on every single deposit they did, but in recent times more and more sites have removed them as a public promotion and instead use it more wisely as a retention tool or to increase their liquidity. If you are so lucky that you received a promotional email from a Bitcoin poker site offering you a reload bonus it means that they either miss you as a player or that you are such a loyal customer that they have decided to provide you with some extra value while you play on their site. No matter what the case is, reload bonuses is a great value promotion that players should use as often as they can.

What is a Reload Bonus?

A reload bonus is a bonus that you get on deposits made after you have already made your first deposit. Reload bonuses are offered to players that have already played out their first deposit bonus, to get them to deposit again and receive a higher return of the rake they pay. It can also be offered specially to loyal customers who generates a lot of revenue in a site and not be a promotion available to all players.

Reload bonuses are typically smaller than a first deposit bonus, as it is mainly a tool to keep players depositing money into the poker sites to keep the overall liquidity high or a tool to reactivate inactive players. A reload bonus will usually be in the 25-200% range, which means that you will get a value of 25-200% of your deposit to play for in the site. Reload bonuses are just like first deposit bonuses a bonus that has to wagered and isn't paid upfront by the poker site. This is due to the sites only making money on the rake players pay as they are playing against other players and not against the house, making it hard for a site to give away money until they see some revenue.

Reload bonuses is a great way to continue having a high return of the rake you pay while you play Bitcoin poker and if you were thinking about depositing money into a poker site anyway, to increase your bankroll, taking advantage of a reload bonus offer is a good thing to do.

Where can I get a Reload Bonus?

Many online poker sites offers reload bonuses to their players, either as a promotion for all or as a special promotion for loyal/inactive players. The bonus percentage and amount varies a lot from Bitcoin poker site to poker site, so always check where you will get the most value. When you go to the site you are playing on, you will always be able to see if they offer a reload bonus under their promotions section and if nothing is listed there, you can always contact the site and see if they will make one specially for you. 

What rules does a Reload Bonus have?

When you want to take advantage of a reload bonus you have been offered, there are several different things that you have to be aware of to make sure you will get any value out of the bonus. With different wagering requirements, time periods and many other things at each site, it can be hard to find out which reload bonus you should choose on what site. Below you will find a list of some of the most important things to look for when you plan on using a reload bonus:

Wagering Requirements: All reload bonuses comes with a wagering requirement of some sort, to release the bonus Bitcoins to the player account. When you take advantage of the bonus it is important to know exactly how much rake you have to pay to complete the bonus and see if it is possible for you to rake that amount. When you have calculated how much rake you will need to pay to receive the full bonus, you will also know exactly how big a extra return the bonus provides you.

Time Limits: Most reload bonuses comes with a timeframe to clear the bonus in, usually being between 30 to 90 days. While some sites gives players unlimited time, most sites have a timeframe to motivate the players to play a lot in a short time frame. If the timeframe is too small for you to be able to rake enough to get any money out of the bonus, there is no reason to claim it.

Bonus Percentage: The bonus percentage is an important part of any bonus as it shows you exactly how much Bitcoins to play out you will receive upon your deposit. Since reload bonuses are used as a loyalty tool primarily, the percentage will in most cases be lower than a first deposit bonus percentage.

Maximum Bonus Amount: Reload bonuses will usually come with a maximum bonus amount, meaning that you will not be able to deposit a high amount of money and receive a bonus on the full amount. If a bonus states that it is a 50% up to 1 Bitcoin, it means that you will not receive any bonus on the amount deposited that is over 1 Bitcoin.

Payout Rules: The payout rules is one of the most important things to look at, as it will tell you if you will get the bonus paid out in small increments or if you have to clear the whole bonus to receive anything. If you are uncertain that you can clear the entire bonus within the timeframe provided, it is always best to choose reload bonuses that pays in small increments so you will always get some money out if it despite not being able to complete the entire bonus.

Re-Deposit Policy: Should you be so unlucky to lose all your Bitcoin while you are playing out your reload bonus, it is important to know if the bonus will continue if you do another deposit or if the site will cancel it. Always check what the rules of the site is, before you decide to take a reload bonus offer.

Cancellation Policy: Another important factor to check is if the bonus will be cancelled if you cash out while you still have the bonus pending. Some sites will always cancel all bonuses if a player cash out, while some sites do not do it. Check the terms and conditions of the reload bonus to make sure that you will not lose your bonus if you cash out.

Can i use other promotions while having a Reload Bonus?

In most cases you will be able to use other promotions while you are playing out a reload bonus. Reload bonuses are usually of a smaller value than most other promotions which means that the sites intend that players can use the other promotions while also using a reload bonus. In some cases the reload bonus can be of such a high value that it will deduct Bitcoins from any rakeback/VIP/Cashback system payments you will receive, but it is very rare that this happens. When in doubt, always contact the sites support and get a straight answer so you know exactly how a reload bonus will affect other payments.

When you are playing out a reload bonus, you will experience higher returns than when you don't have one, providing returns upwards of 50% in total and sometimes more. It all depends on the value of the bonus and the other promotions you have at the particular site. 

Should I always use a Reload Bonus if I can?

Yes and no. It all depends on if the reload bonus will deduct Bitcoins from other promotional payments that you receive in your account. You will need to check if taking a bonus will provide you with a higher return or not, before using it. Should it provide a higher return of the rake you paid to you, then you should always use reload bonuses when they are available, to optimize your returns and profits. If you have any doubts about if the bonus is deducted from other payments or not, simply contact the site or your affiliate and they will be able to assist you with the calculation and find out what is best for you.