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No Deposit Bonus Bitcoin Poker

A no deposit bonus for poker is one of the many different types of bonuses a site can choose to provide to their customers. The no deposit bonus is a certain amount of free Bitcoins/Chips that a player will get credited directly to their account to play. The other most used bonus promotions are First Deposit Bonus and Reload Bonus.

No deposit bonuses have existed since the online poker boom started in 2004 and has been very popular among the hobby players ever since, making it possible for them to try out new poker sites for free and win real money while doing it. Combine this with the possibility to win free Bitcoins in freeroll tournaments as well and you will understand why it is very popular to go after these kinds of offers instead of depositing money yourself. It is however a rather new type of promotion that is offered by the Bitcoin rooms, due to more and more rooms popping up, trying to attract new players.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is basically when a site gives you free Bitcoin/Chips to join their site and try out their games. There can be different reasons for sites to offer a no deposit bonus to players, if it is a new started poker site, it might be to increase the overall traffic, existing sites use it to acquire new customers and big sites use as a retention tool to get players to start playing again.

Some sites offers a no deposit bonus, where you only get a part of the total amount to begin with and then when you have played enough hands or accumulated enough points, you will get further increments until the entire no deposit bonus has been paid. These kind of no deposit bonuses are good for the experienced player as they will be able to get more money for free, than with a typical no deposit bonus but still have the high risk of losing the money before completing the requirements.

No matter what the reason is from the side, no deposit bonuses are a great bonus to take advantage of as a player, since you will not be risking any Bitcoins to actually win Bitcoins. 

Where can I find a No Deposit Bonus for poker?

There are several different ways to find a no deposit bonus for online Bitcoin poker sites. The most common way to find them is when an affiliate advertises free Bitcoins in a online poker site, but they can also be found by searching for new start up sites who often offers no deposit bonuses to get traffic. Many players also share sites offering no deposit bonuses in forums and similar, helping other players to play some poker for free.

A last option is to simply contact poker sites that you want to play on and ask if they offer a no deposit bonus or if any of their affiliates do. The worst that can happen by doing this is that they tell you no, but best case scenario you will end up with several accounts with free Bitcoins in them to try out a new site and win some Bitcoins.

What are the rules of a No Deposit Bonus?

In poker, there are usually not a lot of rules around a no deposit bonus as they are seen as a tool to acquire new customers or reactivate them. However the rules do depend on the site that is being played on, as some sites are more strict than others. Some of the most typical rules are:

Wagering Requirements: Before  you will be able to withdraw any Bitcoins from the site, you will have to wager the no deposit bonus. The wagering requirements varies from site to site, but it usually takes double the amount of rake paid compared to what you get to withdraw.

Maximum Stakes: In many sites, you can play whatever you want with the money you received from a no deposit bonus, but some sites have set limitations on the players receiving it. This means that they might limit you to play 0.01/0.02 blinds cash game and 0.5 chips tournaments and sit 'n' goes.

Is it worth trying a No Deposit Bonus?

No deposit bonuses are a great way to try out new poker sites that you are not sure if are right for you. You will be able to see how the software works, how the traffic is and how their support works without having to put any of your own money. It is also a great way of playing poker without risking your own Bitcoins, being able to still win Bitcoins.

The worst case scenario when using a no deposit bonus is that you lose some time if you don't like the site. You will not have wasted any of your own Bitcoin and at least you will be the experience richer. Who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite poker site by taking a no deposit bonus offer.

Can I use other promotions with the No Deposit Bonus?

When players receive the no deposit bonus, they will usually not be eligible for other promotions until they do a first deposit. This is to ensure that the site will get its costs covered first and then afterwards they can provide a player with even more value if they want to continue playing at the site.

However promotions like playing a freeroll can be combined with a no deposit bonus, simply because it has no additional cost to the site and might increase the revenue for the player.

When you receive a no deposit bonus, contact the site to hear what other promotions you are eligible while playing with the no deposit bonus, to ensure you won't miss any extra value.