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Bitcoin.org is the official site of the Bitcoin and is run by the organization behind the Bitcoin. The site contains information about how the Bitcoin was created, who helped to develop the core of it, useful links to some of the different Bitcoin sites that contains more specific information about certain areas of the Bitcoin and much more.

The site was created to give people an insight into how the Bitcoin works, how it differentiates from regular currencies, what its strong and weak points are and so on. You will be able to either find the information that you have been searching for in terms of Bitcoins or at least different links, linking you to sites that can explain everything in depth. 

What Can I Use Bitcoin.org For?

The primary usage of Bitcoin.org is to learn more about the Bitcoins, the projects that is being developed and in general just obtain a larger knowledge about the first and largest cryptocurrency that was created. For individuals it is exciting to read about how a Bitcoin really works, from the blockchain to the mining. Businesses can learn more about the advantages of integrating Bitcoins as a payment method and which opportunities that it opens up for them.

You can also get in touch with other Bitcoin enthusiasts through Bitcoin.org as they have listed the biggest online forums as well as real life meetings from all over the world, where you can participate and discuss about the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin.org should be one of the first pages that you visit if you want to learn more about Bitcoins as a whole and get a better understanding of the cryptocurrency world and also understand why it is revolutionizing the way that we are paying and transferring money across the globe every day.