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Bitcoin Sports Betting Deposit Bonus

What is a Bitcoin Sports Betting Deposit Bonus?

A Bitcoin sports deposit bonus is a bonus that you get when you make your first or more deposits to a Bitcoin sports book. The bonus is offered to all new and existing players that are currently betting within the sports book and provides them with extra money to bet with instantly. All you need to do as a player is to fulfil the minimum deposit amount and the free Bitcoins will be added to your account instantly after.

Bitcoin deposit bonuses in sports books are not very common yet, but it is a promotion type that we believe will become increasingly popular to offer to players, simply because it has worked for the regular sports betting industry. A Bitcoin sports betting deposit bonus offer will usually be a percentage extra you get, up to a maximum amount. To give you an example, a sports betting bonus will look something like 50% up to 5 Bitcoins, meaning that you will get 50% of the Bitcoin amount up to 5 Bitcoins extra when you make a deposit, so that you have extra Bitcoins to bet with. 

How Do I Get It?

There aren't a lot of Bitcoin sports books that currently offers deposit bonuses to their players, simply because the sports betting industry for Bitcoins is still so small. It is possible however to find sites that do offer it to players on either their first deposit or on all deposits they are doing. You can look around yourself on all the different Bitcoin sports books or you can do it the easy way and take a look at what our partners offers. You can find the biggest and best Bitcoin sports books in our Games Section, where you can see exactly what they offer their players promotions wise as well as event and odds wise.

All our sports book reviews comes with a detailed description of the site, how their betting platform works as well as any other general information that you might be interested in knowing about. You can also find information about the wagering requirements for the deposit bonuses, so you can see if you have a chance of actually playing it through or if it is better for you to not accept it. 

What are the Rules for Deposit Bonuses?

Sports betting is a little more simple than casino for example, which means that the rules for receiving a sports betting Bitcoin bonus are not as many as in other industries. But since the sites all offers different bonuses and have different requirement and rules, we suggest that you always check all the things we list below, so you are sure whether or not to take the deposit bonuses.

Wagering Requirements: All deposit bonuses that you receive instantly from a Bitcoin sports book has wagering requirements, simply so that players don't deposit and withdraw the free money without betting with them. The wagering requirements will in general be around 10-20 times the bonus amount, meaning that you have to make total bets of 10-20 times the deposit amount before you can withdraw.

Minimum Odds: Another thing to look for with wagering requirements is the minimum odds that a game need to have, to count towards the wagering requirements. Many sites has put this in place to make sure that players don't just bet on games with odds 1.01  also known as a surebet and not give the sports book a fair chance of winning back their money. The minimum odds will commonly be around 1.5 to 1.7 depending on the site.

Minimum Deposit Amount: Most deposit bonuses comes with a minimum deposit amount in order to take advantage of the bonus offered. Always check what the minimum deposit amount to receive the bonus is, so you don't deposit too little and miss out on your bonus.

Bonus Percentage: The bonus percentage is very important to look for in a bonus, as that is what determines how much bonus you will be receiving on your deposit. If a bonus percentage is 50% up to 1 Bitcoin, you will get 1 Bitcoin in bonus for depositing 2 Bitcoins. Bonus percentages varies from site to site, so always check where the best bonus is.

Maximum Bonus Amount: The maximum bonus amount is also an important factor to consider, simply because that is what dictates what the maximum bonus amount you can receive is. It will always be clearly stated in the promotion how much bonus you can get, but if it isn't shown for whatever reason, always contact the site hear and hear how much bonus you can get so you don't deposit unnecessary much.

Eligibility: Always remember to check if you are eligible for the bonus that you want to take advantage of, as it might be restricted to new users only, players betting for certain amounts and so on. 

Should I Always Accept a Deposit Bonus?

Not necessarily no. As with all bonuses that are credited instantly, it depends on the type of better you are. If you want to have more Bitcoins to bet with and don't care so much about withdrawing on a regular basis, then you should always accept a deposit bonus. This is because you will be able to fulfil the wagering requirements for the bonus so that you can withdraw and because you will have a higher chance of winning in the long run with more Bitcoins to bet with.

If you on the other hand prefer to be able to withdraw your Bitcoins whenever you want to, then you shouldn't accept any Bitcoin deposit bonuses, simply because there is a high chance that you will not meet the wagering requirements before you want to make a withdrawal. Always consider these aspects before accepting any sort of bonus that has wagering requirements with it.