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Bitcoin Wiki

What is Bitcoin Wiki?

The Bitcoin Wiki page is a page where everything about the Bitcoin is explained in great details, making it easy to understand even the most complicated things regarding the Bitcoin. There are more than 750 unique articles, all describing a specific point regarding the Bitcoin and can help you understand it easier than through most other sites. You will find the history of the Bitcoin, how it was created, the idea behind the cryptocurrency as well as technical and fundamental articles. Unlike the regular Wikipedia that you know, Bitcoin Wiki cannot be edited by everyone and all suggestions towards articles has to reviewed and approved before being posted on the Bitcoin Wiki, ensuring that the information on the page is completely correct and not gibberish from a random internet troll.

The Bitcoin Wiki is available in several different languages, which is a huge plus as not all people in the world are completely fluent in English or understand some of the technical terms being used in the articles. You can also contribute towards Bitcoin Wiki by helping them translate the articles into more languages and help other users get into Bitcoins easier.

Besides having articles to help you understand the basics and advanced things about the Bitcoin, you can also find links to all the biggest Bitcoin pages around the world, ranging from forums to gambling sites. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on Bitcoin Wiki, there is a very high chance that what you are searching for has nothing to do with Bitcoins.

What Can I Use it For?

You can use Bitcoin Wiki for what it is made for - To gain information. It is the largest information portal about the Bitcoin and you should be able to get everything from basic, advanced to technical questions answered by doing a search on the site. Furthermore you can help the community by writing content for the site, explaining more easily about a subject or choose to translate articles into another language if you want to do that instead.

When you use Bitcoin Wiki to gain information, you will get a whole new understanding of how cryptocurrencies might end up revolutionizing currencies and payments as we know them today and get a better understanding of how the market works exactly so you can invest more cleverly into it.