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Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Should I Always Use Free Spins?

If it doesn't interfere with any other promotion, meaning that it doesn't make you ineligible for other promotions, then yes you should always take and use free spins. Free spins can make you free Bitcoins for zero risk and those Bitcoins can be turned into even more Bitcoins with a bit of luck, so why not try out your luck for free and see if you can win, it doesn't cost you anything to do so.

However if the free spins makes you ineligible for other promotions and you want to maybe do a deposit later on, on the site, then you should not take the free spins if it means that you might end up losing value in the future. Always look at the pros and cons of each promotion and see what will be best for you in the long run.  

What Games Can I Use Them On?

The free spins are always locked towards specific games, which will be determined by the Bitcoin casino offering them. They will usually be rewarded towards the most fun and thrilling slots provided by the casino and the value of the free spins will always be the minimum spin amount.

The winnings that you acquire while playing with your free spins will then be credited to your account and you can choose to continue playing after the free spins are over if you wish to do that or you can withdraw the Bitcoins if you prefer that. But the free spins can only be used on the games specified by the affiliate or by the Bitcoin casino site.

How Do I Get Free Spins?

Receiving free spins can be very difficult when we are talking about Bitcoin casino's, as there are very few casino's actually offering this type of promotions as the market is currently looking. However we have gathered the Bitcoin casino's that we could find that offers this type of promotions in our Games Section, so that you have a quick and easy overview over the different casino opportunities that you got.

You will be able to see all of the casino's that are offering free spins if you register through our site, a detailed review of the site and its software and games as well as see what other promotions that the casino sites are offering you. 

What is a Free Spin?

A free spin is when you receive either complementary spins on a specific slot on a Bitcoin casino site, paid by the casino, or when you are playing slots on a Bitcoin casino site and wins free spins. Basically free spins gives you a certain amount of spins on a slot where you will not be charged the price it costs for them to spin, but get to keep all the winnings yourself. It has always been a great tool to attract new players and also something that slot machine lovers liked about the slots in a casino.

When you receive free spins from an affiliate or site it is as a part of getting new customers towards the Bitcoin casino, while if you receive free spins while playing slots it is part of the rewards you get inside a slot. We will be focusing only on the free spins that new players are being rewarded when they join a Bitcoin casino in this article, as we believe that it is a great promotion for casino players, especially in terms of Bitcoin casino games.