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Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin poker is the latest new way to play online poker, where you will be using the cryptocurrency to deposit, withdraw and play with rather than fiat money. Bitcoin poker is not the most well known and widespread way to play poker for most people, however many of the more technical poker players have moved over to the Bitcoin platform the last couple of years. Along with them are several "new" poker players, who didn't play any kind of poker until they made some good money with their Bitcoins and decided to try it out.

As the Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream news and more regular people are getting their eyes opened up to the new world of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are also coming to play poker in the different Bitcoin poker rooms. With new sites popping up every month and a large increase in the overall traffic, it looks like Bitcoin might be able to make a good sustainable poker ecology that can last for a long period of time. The stability of the Bitcoin's value has also helped to get more players to the Bitcoin rooms, as fewer people wanted to play when they both had to make the best decision at the tables and follow the rise and falls of the currency.  

Bitcoin poker sites is also very good news for American players, as it allows them to play poker anonymously and with fast deposit and withdrawal timeframes. There's no need for long security checks, slow withdrawals and being worried about sending private documents when you play Bitcoin poker, as everything is anonymous so that nobody will know that it is you playing.

What's the Difference Between Bitcoin Poker and Regular Poker

There is not a lot whole of differences between playing regular poker for cash and playing poker for Bitcoins. The first major difference that many experienced poker players will notice is the fact that many of the poker platforms being used in the Bitcoin poker industry are not as technically advanced as the ones that you are used to from regular poker sites and networks. This is because most Bitcoin poker sites are not large corporations, but rather Bitcoin enthusiasts who started it and didn't have a budget to pay for a modern platform or didn't have the option to lease a platform that works with Bitcoins. It is not a problem for most players though, as the platforms have the options that players need while playing, so it is more a matter of slower game-play and a graphical difference.

Another difference comes from the fact that you don't play for Bitcoins directly, as you normally play for cash directly, but instead get your Bitcoins turned into chips. This is something that all Bitcoin poker sites have decided to integrate, to ensure that players can play down to the very smallest stakes possible and in order for them to make the games be more similar to the ones from a regular poker site. This makes it easier for new players to get started playing as they can already familiarize with the platform and because they will not have to play for larger amounts than they want. Splitting the Bitcoins into chips also have positive effect on the rake, as the rake is considerably lower in Bitcoin poker in general, than it is on regular poker networks.

Where Can I Play Bitcoin Poker?

There are several older and newer Bitcoin poker sites where you can enjoy a little game of Bitcoin poker. While it may be difficult to know which ones are the best in general and which are the best for you, we have made a review of the Bitcoin poker sites that we believe are the best, both in terms of action but also in terms of value for their players.

You can find our Bitcoin poker reviews in our Gaming Section, where you can read more about the room, their promotions, the software and everything else that you need to know before signing up and playing with Bitcoins. You will also find screenshots of the platform along with contact information of the room, should you need help with an inquiry.

Softer Fields in Bitcoin Poker

One of the reasons why more and more poker players are swapping out their regular cash rooms with Bitcoin poker rooms is due to the softer fields that you find in Bitcoin poker rooms. While regular poker sites are becoming more and more infested with good regular players who uses advanced programs to help them statistically and give them an edge over the other players, Bitcoin sites are not really interested in having their poker ecology destroyed.

Bitcoin poker has from day one been a place where people in general are more social with each other and where the players who are not very good would not be losing their money within a couple of minutes only. The best players from all over the world has yet to make the transition over to Bitcoins, leaving the Bitcoin poker sites more attractive to play and with a higher chance of actually making a profit long-term. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes

One of the keys to the Bitcoin poker rooms success is the fact that Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are so fast and allows the sites to basically do deposits and payouts instantly. When you want to do a deposit to a Bitcoin poker site you will usually have to wait around one hours time before the money will land in your poker account. But some of the newer rooms with different processors can actually provide your Bitcoin deposit even faster, as they receive a receipt that you have in fact send them the Bitcoins and the room chooses to then credit the Bitcoins to your account instantly so you can start playing. No matter which method the site uses, it is not a problem waiting up to one hour before the Bitcoins arrive in your account and you can play.

For withdrawals the timeframe is a little different, as it depends on how quickly the poker site will process the cash out from their backend. They have the same timeframe for sending Bitcoins to you as you have to them, but since they have to do different checks of collusion and so on before they pay, withdrawals may take up to a couple of days before they arrive in your account. In general most sites will pay you within 24 hours, but there are cases where it will take a little longer if the site has lots of pending transactions.