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Bitsler Review

Bitsler is an online Bitcoin dice game site, where users can play the popular dice game, amongst other games, and win Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The site was founded in 2015 and has continued to grow ever since, due to the safe and fun environment that they provide for their players.

The site boasts of thousands of active players, placing bets on their favourite games every single day. You will see thousands of players online at any given time of the day and you can even chat to some of them in the integrated live chat on the site. The site has taken more than bets since its birth, making them one of the largest Bitcoin dice sites that are still up and running to this day.

The design is quite modern compared to many of its competitors, running smoothly in your browser so that you can easily access and enjoy the games they provide. You can even choose between six different themes and a light and dark theme, customizing it to your own liking. The site is easy to navigate on and provides all the information one could need to begin playing.

House Edge

Bitsler offers their players a very low house edge, compared to some competitors in the Bitcoin dice industry and especially in comparison to the traditional online casino sites. The house edge sits at 1%, which means that they do have an edge on the bet you make, but just a very small one.

A small house edge is important to look for when you shop around for a place to play Bitcoin dice games, as it will determine how likely you are to walk away with any winnings. It provides you with the chance to play even more with your Bitcoins and also with a decent chance of actually boosting your bankroll with winnings.

Furthermore the games are provable fair games, meaning that you can check that bet you just placed actually had the correct outcome. How is that done you might think, well it's not really that easy to explain in a few words, but luckily Bitsler themselves has provided an explanation on their site where you yourself can follow the steps and check if everything is as it should be. Furthermore they have a “bet lookup” feature where you can enter the bet id and see what happened in that exact roll of the dice.

Browser Games

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, Bitsler provides all of their games directly in the browser, so you don't need to download any software to play. By doing so, it allows all users to play no matter where they are and it can run even on the oldest of computers as long as they have the option of running an internet browser.

To get started you simply need to create an alias on the site and make a password for the account and you are basically in. From there on out you will need to make a deposit to actually have something to play with and then you can start playing one of the four games that they offer for their users.

The most popular game on Bitsler is the oldschool dice game, where you place a bet on whether the roll of the dice will be over or under a certain number. It is up to you to choose how high a chance of winning you want to have, as you set the payout percentage that you want and the win odds will adjust accordingly. Then you simply need to choose how much you want to wager on the bet and the site will tell you what you need to roll under or over to win will be. A simple, but fun game.

Bitsler also offers other games. You can play the traditional roulette game where you can place bets on numbers, on rows, on colours or any of the other options that are available. They also have a Multicolor game where you place a bet on which color the wheel will land and if you hit the correct color, you win a prize according to the odds. The last game they offer is Caraycruz, where you can place a bet on one of four outcomes and if you win, you'll get paid accordingly.

All the games offers an “Automated Betting” option, where you can ask the site to continue playing for you if you don't want to sit and press “roll” all the time. You just simply enter the bet value of each bet and what odds you want and then the site will continue to play until you stop the automated betting or until you are out of coins to play with.

Currencies, Deposits and Cash Outs

Bitsler offers five different cryptocurrencies that you can play with. The most popular one is the Bitcoin, but they also offer players the chance to play with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Burst. Having multiple currencies enabled for users makes it more fun for those who have different coins and also attracts those that hasn't bought any Bitcoins but instead invested in other types of cryptocurrencies.

To make a deposit you simply need to press the “Deposit” button after choosing which currency you want to play with. From there a pop-up will show on the screen where you can see which unique wallet address you need to send the funds to or you can even scan the QR code shown on the screen if you prefer that. Deposits will in some cases be instant and in some cases you will have to wait for a single confirmation.

To make a withdrawal is equally easy. Press the “Withdrawal” button on the page, enter your wallet address code, enter amount to withdraw and choose how fast you want the withdrawal to be processed to your wallet. Bitsler offers three withdrawals speeds with three different fees attached. If you are a patient man/woman, you can choose the slow one for a fee of 0.0002 Bitcoins, if you can settle for a few hours of waiting time you can choose the normal one for a fee of 0.0004 Bitcoins and if you want it almost instantly you can pay 0.0006 Bitcoins and receive it as fast as humanly possible.



One of the reasons why Bitsler has become so popular amongst cryptocurrency gamblers is due to their great support channel. Users don't just have one way of getting in touch with the team behind Bitsler and they don't have to wait for days to get a reply. Instead Bitsler has decided to go all out on the support channels and offers multiple ways to get in touch with them.

You can get in touch with Bitsler through the traditional email/ticket channel, where you can submit a ticket on the site and await a reply. You can also write in the integrated chat on the site and receive help from other users and moderators, who can help with some of the more basic stuff you may doubts about. You can also write your questions to the team in their BitcoinTalk forum thread or even get in touch with them on Reddit should you prefer that.

Begin playing on Bitsler here.