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King Dice

King Dice Review

King Dice is an online Bitcoin dice game site, where you can play the popular dice game in a easy-to-use and safe environment. The site offers a traditional-looking Bitcoin dice game, with a low house edge and monthly promotions for their users to take advantage of.

The site is still in its growth period, having a steady playerbase that grows day-by-day. It is possible to see how many users that are online at the site at any given period of time, ranging up to several hundred players at once. You can see which players that are currently playing, how much they have waged on their last bet, what they won or lost and what their win chance was on their roll.

The site currently has a healthy “house bankroll”, which is the amount of Bitcoins they have in their storage to pay winning players. Their current bankroll is around 150 Bitcoins, which is more than many other sites have and provides a safe place to play. You can even invest in the site and make money that way through, the way that works is that you provide the site with XX amount of Bitcoins and then you get a monthly share of the dividends dependent on your share of the house bankroll. This method has been used by other sites in the past and has proven to be a healthy way to run a Bitcoin dice site as it provides the tools to operate a site without worrying about high losses.

House Edge

King Dice offers a low house edge for the players playing in the site. While it is not the lowest you can find out there, it is more than fair for users as it is set at 1%. This means that when you place a bet, the house simply has a 1% edge on you in all games that you play, providing you with a high chance of winning your bet and giving you more games for your money.

To make things even better, King Dice provides a provably fair game, meaning that it is possible for users to check that the roll they just had, had the outcome that it was supposed to have. While it is not the easiest system to understand for players, King Dice has provided a detailed explanation for users to check all bets placed in the “Provable Fair” tap on the site, where you simply need to follow the instructions to double check the fairness yourself.

Browser Game

Like most other Bitcoin dice sites, King Dice offers a browser version of their game only, meaning that you don't need to download any software or plugins to start playing. This makes it easy to get started as you only need to create a user alias and deposit Bitcoins to begin playing. It also means that it doesn't matter how old your computer is, it will be able to run the game as long as it can run a simple internet browser.

King Dice only offers the traditional Bitcoin dice game and they only offer Bitcoins as it is right now, but it is also more than enough as the dice game is a fun and fair game. Bitcoin dice games has been around since the birth of the Bitcoin and continues to be a popular game, due to the simplicity of it and its easy way to win a prize.

It is easy to play on King Dice. You simply decide how much you want to place on the bet, with the minimum being 0.0000001 Bitcoins, choose how high a winning percentage you want to have, which ranges from 1% to 90%, and finally you choose if it needs to roll over or under 1-99. From there you simply “roll” the dice and you will see within a few seconds if you have won or if you were unlucky.

If you don't want to sit and press the “roll” button all the time, you can even “auto roll” the dice. What you do is that you choose what kind of bet you want to place and make sure that you are okay with the game continuing until you stop it and then you simply press the “auto” button and the game will and hopefully generate some winnings for you.

Deposits and Withdrawals

If you want to play for Bitcoins on King Dice, you will need to make a deposit. This is quite easy to do as you simply press the “Deposit” button on the page and follow the on-screen instructions. You will get a unique wallet address that you need to send the amount of Bitcoins that you want to deposit to and within one verification on the Blockchain you will have the Bitcoins in your account, ready to start to playing.

Withdrawing is equally easy to go about. Simply press the “Withdrawal” button on the site and enter your Bitcoin wallet address along with the amount you want to withdraw and submit the withdrawal. The withdrawal will then hit your Bitcoin wallet within an hour, no matter when you request it as it is an automated process.

Withdrawals are subject to a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.001 Bitcoins and it is also subject to a fee of 0.0005 Bitcoins. These are quite standard times and fees and it allows you to move around your Bitcoins and winnings in a safe and fast manner.



Bitcoin dice sites aren't really known for running any sort of promotions as the house edge in general is quite low. While King Dice doesn't run a ton of promotions for their users, they do still offer a monthly wagering contest, where the users that wager, not win or lose, the most Bitcoin dice bets in a month will win a prize.

The contest is quite simple, as those who placed bets worth the most Bitcoins will take one of the three top prizes available. To make things more interesting, King Dice has made a rule that all bets placed in the first 10 days of the month receives a 15% extra in value of their wagers, the next 10 days will get 10% on top and the final 10 days will not receive any extra value. This entices players to play from the beginning of the month and rewards those that are loyal to the site.

Should you be one of the lucky winners of either one of the prizes, you will receive the prize in your account only moments after the contest is over. Good luck!


King Dice offers a 24/7 support to all of their players, no matter if they haven't placed a single bet or if they are highrollers. You can get in touch with the support team, which they claim are mostly nerds, through the traditional method of sending them an email, but you can also get help from other users and moderators in the live chat integrated on the site.


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