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DuckDice Review

DuckDice is one of the more popular online Bitcoin Dice game sites, doing things slightly different than many of its competitors out there. The site has decided to look like a classic Bitcoin dice site, but they are operating the site more like a “real” online casino, offering promotions to the users as well as jackpots.

The site has grown in size quite quickly, having more than a thousand users online on a daily basis. Overall the site has taken more than 450.000.000 bets since its birth, which is quite a decent volume. You can always see how many players are online, how many BTC has been won in the last 24 hours and what the current price on the Bitcoin or any other accepted cryptocurrency is.

Furthermore the design is quite slick and runs fast in your browser. This enables quick betting and provides a great experience when you want to sit down and run a few dice bets. It is easy to navigate around and you even have a great chat feature right on the site, where you can talk to other users while playing Bitcoin dice games.

House Edge

DuckDice doesn't offer the lowest house edge that you can find in the Bitcoin dice industry, but that doesn't mean that they have a high house edge, far from it. DuckDice has a house edge of only 1% which is fairly common in the Bitcoin dice world, but in comparison to traditional online casino games, it is very low.

This allows you to get more bank for your buck and provides a much higher chance of actually winning some money. It also makes it more enjoyable to play when you can see that you actually win a fair amount of times and the best part of it all is that you can actually check if the game is fair, should you feel that something is wrong.

DuckDice uses a provably fair cryptographic system, where the user can verify that the outcome of the bet made was actually the correct. This can be done by following the directions shown in the “Fair” tab on DuckDice, where an in-depth explanation has been provided for their users. 

Browser Game

It's quite easy to start playing on DuckDice, all you have to do is to go to the site, create a user alias and deposit Bitcoins or one of the other cryptocurrencies accepted and then you are ready to go. You don't need to download any software or similar to start playing, making it easy for any user to play, no matter what type of computer equipment is being used.

The site only offers the traditional dice game, which you may know from other sites. The dice game has been popular since the birth of the Bitcoin and many sites have offered the game throughout the years. If you are not familiar with the game, basically you play a bet on if the roll of the dice will over or under a certain number. What number it has to be over or under depends on your own risk assesment, meaning that you can get upwards 90% chance of winning, but for a low payout if you win or go for 1% chance of winning for a high prize.

It is up to you how much you want to bet, with the minimum amount being 0.0000001 Bitcoins. Once you have selected how much you want to wager, you then decide how high a chance of winning you want and the payout and profit will display. From there you simply “roll” the dice and within a second you'll know if you have won a prize or not. The game is simple, but fun and thrilling to play and you can even enable the “auto roll” feature, where the game will play itself with the bet amount of win chance of your choice.

Currencies, Deposits and Cash Outs

While Bitcoin is by far still the most popular coin, it is far from the only cryptocurrency of value these days and due to that we see more and more Bitcoin gambling sites integrating other cryptocurrencies for users to play with. DuckDice is no different and has decided to accept not only Bitcoins but also six other cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash,   Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash.

To get started you will need to make a deposit in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Depositing is quite simple as you simply press the “Deposit” button on the site after chóosing which cryptocurrency to play with and follow the on-screen instructions. Users will be provided with their own unique deposit address, as well as a QR code that can be scanned and once the deposit has been verified it be available in your account and you can start playing.

Making a withdrawal is equally easy. Choose the currency that you want to withdraw and press the “withdraw” button shown on the screen in the game. From there you will be able to fill in the wallet address, amount to withdraw and even choose how fast you want the withdrawal to be. Each withdrawal has a fee attached to it, but you can choose if you want to pay more to get it fast or have a smaller fee and wait upwards of 24 hours. Simple and easy.


DuckDice does things differently than other Bitcoin dice sites, as they offer unique promotions for their users to take advantage of. This provides users with an even higher chance of winning and makes the site a more fun place to play, as you may hit a jackpot or even given a tip from another user.

DuckDice also offers deposit and reload bonuses for many of its currencies, changing these every other month. You can take advantage of these as a new user or when you are a regular on the site, providing value for both new and old users. Alongside the bonuses, the site also has a wagering contest, a progressive jackpot and a “rain” feature, where you can win Bitcoins for the users in the chat.

DuckDice prides themselves in providing fun and valuable promotions for their users, so make sure you check out their “Bonuses” tap when you play, so you don't miss out on any extra value that can even the game out in your favour.


DuckDice offers around the clock support for its users, solving any problem that might occur to you while playing, depositing or withdrawing. You can get in touch with DuckDice in the integrated chat, where moderators are supervising the messages and responding to them in real time or you can press the “support” button and send them an email that they will respond to.

Start playing on DuckDice now.