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Bitcoin Casino First Deposit Bonus

What is a First Deposit Bonus?

A first deposit bonus for Bitcoin casinos, is a instant bonus that you will receive when you have created a brand new account and do your first deposit. This type of bonus is only offered to players who has never deposited with the site before and is not something that you can claim if you register a new account with their site.

The first deposit bonus basically provides you with extra Bitcoins to play with, depending on the amount you deposit and the bonus terms. You will commonly find that Bitcoin casinos first deposit bonuses are from 20-100% up to 2 Bitcoins, meaning that you will get 20-100% extra to play with on your deposit up to 2 Bitcoins. The bonuses vary from site to site and there are lots of sites that doesn't offer any sort of bonus to their players, simply because the house edge for them is so low that they would always lose money on it. 

How Do I Get a Bitcoin Casino First Deposit Bonus?

There are several Bitcoin casino sites that offers all new players a first deposit bonus on the deposit they make, but it can be hard for you to find out exactly where you find them and where the best bonuses are. We have collected a wide variety of different Bitcoin casino sites in our Games Section, where you can find a detailed review of the site, including what games they offer, how the software is, how the payouts are and so on.

You will also be able to see what bonus they offer to their players and what the wagering requirements are, so you can easily compare all the spectres and find the Bitcoin casino site that is best for you to play on. You can also do some research yourself and take a look at the many different Bitcoin casino sites that are out there and find the site with the bonus that you find best suitable for you.

What are the Rules of a First Deposit Bonus?

There are several different rules or requirements that you should be aware of before you accept any first deposit bonus from a Bitcoin casino site. The sites all have different bonuses, different requirements and so on, which can make it easy or difficult to withdraw your Bitcoins later on. Let's have a look at some of the common things that you should be looking out for:

Wagering Requirements: All instant bonuses will have a wagering requirement from the casino, so that you cannot do a deposit, get free money and then take out the money and scored free Bitcoins. You will always have to play with the free Bitcoins that you have received, to give the casino a fair chance of winning their money back. Wagering requirements will commonly be between 10-30 times the bonus amount you have received, meaning that if you received 1 Bitcoin in bonus you will have to wager that amount 10-30 times before you can do a withdrawal.

Bonus Percentage: The bonus percentage is important to look for, as that is what determines how much extra you will get on your deposit. Bonus percentages will commonly be between 20-100%, meaning that you will receive 20-100% extra on the amount that you deposit. So if you have a deposit bonus that is 50% up to 1 Bitcoin and you deposit 1 Bitcoin, you will get 0.5 Bitcoins for free to play with.

Maximum Bonus Amount: The maximum bonus amount is another thing to looking for, as that is what determines the maximum amount of free Bitcoins that you can receive as a bonus. The maximum bonus amount will always be clearly stated, if there is any, when you look at the promotion on the casino site. From our experience, the maximum bonus amount can go up to 2 Bitcoins for free.

Minimum Deposit Amount: Many sites has a minimum deposit amount that you will need to deposit in order to take advantage of a first deposit bonus. The minimum deposit amount varies from site to site, so make sure that you always read the terms and conditions so you make a big enough deposit to get the bonus.

Eligibility: While Bitcoin casino sites in general don't have a lot of eligibility rules, there are some that has it. The most common eligibility rule is that you will need to do your first deposit within a certain amount of days after having created your account, otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the bonus, but again it depends on the site.

Should I Always Take a First Deposit Bonus?

That depends on the type of casino player that you are. If you are a player who enjoys playing a lot for your Bitcoins, without doing withdrawals often, then you should take a first deposit bonus every time. The first deposit bonus will then give you more Bitcoins to play with and can give you even more enjoyment as well as a higher chance of winning more Bitcoins in the long run.

However if you prefer to be able to withdraw your Bitcoins whenever you feel like it, then you shouldn't take a first deposit ever, simply because you will not be able to meet the wagering requirements before you want to do a withdrawal. So you will need to make up with yourself if you want to play on the site for a longer period of time and get extra Bitcoins to play with, or have the freedom to deposit and withdraw as it pleases you and not have Bitcoins locked up in an account.