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Robocoin Installing First Bitcoin ATM in US Next Month

Robocoin Installing First Bitcoin ATM in US Next Month

The US based Robocoin company have announced that they will install the first Bitcoin ATM machine in the US next month, making it possible for regular people to get access to Bitcoins. In a report done by Reuters, Robocoin plans to install Bitcoin ATM's in Seattle and Austin as the first cities and they will be very similar to regular kiosks, except from having a scanner to scan government issued documents.

The Robocoin ATM will allow people to exchange Bitcoins for cash or buy Bitcoins by paying with a virtual wallet. Robocoin made the following statement in one of their blog posts:

“Those familiar with Bitcoin have long lamented the historically arduous exchange process and have been delighted by Robocoin’s ease-of-exchange. Some customers used their newly purchased Bitcoins to buy coffee at the Bitcoin-accepting Waves location, while others impressed their parents by exchanging Bitcoins for Canadian dollars,”

Robocoin said that there was reports of transactions worth over CAD$1 million the first month the Bitcoin ATM was in operation. The Bitcoin is currently experiencing a larger swing in its value, due to attacks on wallets and the transaction malleability hitting the Bitcoin. These are obstacles that needs to be surpassed in order to make the Bitcoin become a truly mainstream currency.

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