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Coinbase Opens First US Regulated Bitcoin Exchange Today

Coinbase Opens First US Regulated Bitcoin Exchange Today

Coinbase is having a good 2015 so far. First they managed to find $75 million in capital funding from investors, primarily from the US, and now they announced that they will be opening the firs regulated Bitcoin exchange in the US - Today. 

Coinbase will be fully licensed in almost half of all states in the US and have received regulatory approval to operate there. California, New York and other big states will be under Coinbase's new regulations and many more, with even more states being added along the way as Coinbase will be approved to operate there.

It has taken Coinbase five months to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals for the states in the US and they announced that they will only allow customers from states they are licensed in to buy and sell Bitcoins. The site will charge a 0.25% fee on all trades, but offers a two month free trial period with no fees to get the people going.

This marks that the uncertainty about Bitcoins in the US has been solved and that it is finally ready to move forward with the industry of cryptocurrencies. This could be the positive boost that the Bitcoin needs and we can see that it has dragged its value up from $165 to almost $300 now within a weeks time.

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