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Bitstamp Hacked - $5 Million in Bitcoins Stolen

Bitstamp Hacked 5 Million in Bitcoins Stolen

As we reported yesterday, the Slovenian-based Bitstamp send out cryptic messages for their customers, telling them not to deposit into their accounts until they received new Bitcoin addresses. There was no reason towards why, but that reason came today as the company announced that hackers has managed to steal a massive 19,000 Bitcoins.

While Bitstamp do not know who is behind the attack at this point, they have taken the necessary security measures to ensure that nothing more will be stolen. The theft has an estimated net worth of around $5 million, making it a massive theft - Though far from the alleged Mt. Gox theft.

Bitstamp only keeps between 10-15% of their total Bitcoins in their hot wallets, having the rest in cold storage, which is much more difficult to find and steal. The CEO of Bitstamp ensured that all Bitcoins stolen in the attack will be covered, as long as the customer followed the instructions given to them on the website and didn't deposit to their old Bitcoin address.

"We have temporarily suspended Bitstamp services. Bitstamp customers can rest assured that their bitcoins held with us prior to temporary suspension of services on January 5th (at 9am UTC) are completely safe and will be honored in full." A statement on their website says.

You can read the full statement from Bitstamp here.

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