Feathercoin Alternative Coin

Play with Feathercoins

Feathercoin is not the most common coin to play online games with, but it has become increasingly popular after the value of each coin took a fall. The variety of different sites to play on is not very big compared to other coins, but there are the games that you would want to play using your Feathercoins.

The sites that accept Feathercoins as a payment method will commonly be for Feathercoin only, but there are some sites out there that accepts Feathercoin along with multiple other cryptocurrencies. The games created for Feathercoin play is very original and fun to play and most importantly of all provides you with a high chance of winning more coins for your efforts. We have gathered a list of sites where you can gamble with your Feathercoins below, which we’ll update every time we come across a new and exciting site:

FCKamikaze – FCKamikaze is a very fun and innovative online game, where you have to walk through a game and avoid stepping on the bombs. First you choose your bet amount and then you choose the field you believe there is no bomb in and if you are correct, then you can claim the prize accordingly or go to the next row and try your luck. If you at any point step on a bomb then you have lost and have to start over. You can bet up to 400 Feathercoins in each round and all the way down to 0.1 Feathercoin, so everyone can play here.

What is a Feathercoin?

Feathercoin, also known as FTC, is an alternative coin that was created by Peter Bushnell in April of 2013 and was for a very long time the third most popular alternative coin on the cryptocurrency market. The Feathercoin team were really good at creating unique and popular marketing campaigns, which took the value of the coin through the roof from the start. Feathercoin is based upon the Bitcoin, but with some changes towards it to avoid some of the weak areas of the Bitcoin and to differentiate the coin. Its popularity didn’t last forever however and in the end of 2013, other coins had taken over Feathercoins position on the cryptocurrency market and send it down the ladder.

When the Feathercoin was released it stood out from the crowd, simply because of the massive amount of coins that could be mined, the scrypt based algorithms and a much faster block target speed. The basics of the Feathercoin is based on the Bitcoin, being completely anonymous and decentralized, but in most other aspect it differentiates. Most importantly there will be over 10 times as many Feathercoins going into circulation, as there will be mined a total of 336 million coins, all with eight decimals to ensure maximum usage. Feathercoin is using a scrypt based hashing algorithm system to mine the coins out, which has been integrated to avoid ASIC miners as well as for a 51% takeover of the coin. Using the scrypt based mining system eliminates the edge that some miners can have and removes the professional miners from the coin, making it more friendly for the casual miner.

The difficulty of the mining adjusts every 126 blocks and the block rewards halves every 840,400 blocks and starts with 200 coin rewards per block. The block target speed is set to 2.5 minutes, which at the time was fast, but today is very normal. Transactions are similar to the Bitcoin, taking 10-30 minutes from when they have been send until they are received by the other party.

Feathercoin is currently the 14th biggest cryptocurrency in the world, measured by the market capitalization and has around 33 million coins in circulation currently. The coins have a value of around $0.2-$0.3 on average, meaning that the total market value of Feathercoins are around $8.8 million. The Feathercoin has experienced a huge drop in value over the past couple of months, but it is still a coin that can be made good money out of investing in. You can purchase Feathercoins on all the largest cryptocurrency exchange sites or you can try and mine your own through the Feathercoin wallet. 

What Can I Use it For?

Feathercoin can be used as a payment method in several online stores and it even has its own marketplace, where users can auction of their products and receive Feathercoins as payments. Furthermore it can be used as an investment into cryptocurrencies, as it has the volatile nature that any investment needs. Despite the major loss in value over the last months, it is still worth investing a decent amount into if you are good at trading currencies.

There are no gambling sites currently accepting Feathercoin as payment method, but we believe it will show up in the future, since the market for Feathercoins is so big.