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£1 Million Winning Ticket Denied by Ladbrokes

1 Million Winning Ticket Denied by Ladbrokes

A young barman believed that he had won a massive £1 million after guessing the winners of 14 different football matches on the same coupon, but was instead told that he had filled in the wrong form and that his coupon was worthless. Jordan Donnellan who is 19 years of age and from County Durham believed that his £1 accumulator coupon had made him a millionaire overnight.

Donnellan went to a local pub on Sunday to watch some football matches, when it struck him that he was only three games away from winning the million. The next two games on his coupon both ended in his favour and it was all down to the last game between Catania and Juventus. 25 people stayed in the pub to watch the match with Donnellan and cheer for him to win the million and after the victory for Juventus, the pub bursted into celebrations.

“The atmosphere was amazing. It was a brilliant night. Everyone was cheering.” Donnellan said. “I left the receipt at home. I did not want to take it out in case I lost it. I genuinely believed I was going to win a million pounds and there were some people who stayed with me to see how it went."

When Donnellan went to pick up his prize the next morning, the staff initially congratulated him on his win saying: “The woman was looking at the scores and ticked them off. She looked up and smiled and said ‘I think you might have won, do you want a hug?'. and then told him that she had to phone up her manager as they did not have that kind of cash lying around in the store.

When Donnellan came back to the store three hours later, he was informed that his coupon had been deemed invalid. The explanation was that he had filled in the Weekend Result Rush which requires both teams to score instead of the Weekend Quickslip. The manager further explained that even if he had filled in the correct form he would only have won a few hundred pounds, which would contradict to Ladbrokes own rules.

While Donnellan is disappointed about not winning the money, he accepts the fact that he had made a mistake and adds that the money wouldn't have changed him, but it would have helped him pay off some debts and enjoy life a little more. Nobody from Ladbrokes wanted to comment on the case. 

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