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Paddy Power With New PR Stunt - Real or Fake?

Paddy Power With New PR Stunt Real or Fake?

Paddy Power is well known to do PR on the edge of what is acceptable among many, but it seems that they may have crossed the line this time, should the picture above proof to be real and done by them. It all started when the official Paddy Power tweet "Get Behind Roy's Boys" with a picture of a forest, assumingly the Amazon Forest, having trees cut down to say "C'mon England PP".


While Paddy Power has not confirmed yet if the picture is real or fake as well as they haven't confirmed that it is in the Amazon forest, the followers of the otherwise popular bookmaker quickly went to their keyboards and gave Paddy Power a piece of their mind regarding what they had done.



It's not the first time that Paddy Power is in trouble with people after doing crazy marketing stunts and probably not the last time either. The question is just how many different groups of people they can offend before it starts to hurt their bottom line.  

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