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Casino Temporarily Shut Down After Armed Fight Between Indian Tribes

Casino Temporarily Shut Down After Armed Fight Between Indian Tribes

The native's in the US has had a rough time ever since the white man came to the US. Not only did they have their competing tribes to worry about, they also had the new people to consider, which ended up in full scale war back in the days.


It seems that some tribes haven't forgotten those days, as two Californian tribes had an armed stand-off with each other the other day. This has led to a federal judge having to shut down the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino temporarily, as the tribe involved in the armed stand-off operates this casino.


The reason for such is that the tribe has violated its compact with the state, which states that they cannot endanger public health or safety. More than 12 armed men carrying guns and bulletproof vests walked into the casino Thursday night, causing massive chaos and fear.


The armed group claims that they are the true leaders of the Indian Tribe and thus the leaders of the casino. The group has closed down the casino before, taking over several offices in the casino as well as triggering fire alarms and shutting off power.


Tribes have usually solved these issues outside of the casino, but in this case the tribe wants the leadership of the casino back and threatens the new owners to hand it over.

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