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The History of the Online Casino Industry and its Progress

The History of the Online Casino Industry and its Progress

Online casinos are relatively new overall as an industry, but has actually been going on for 20 years now, dating all the way back to 1994 when most people weren't even aware of the internet's existence. The first casino games that were put online were extremely simple and didn't have the regulation levels that we have today.

In the 20 years the industry has moved from something that looks like it was programmed out of a basement, to being a $35 billion annual industry. Millions of dollars are given away every year in jackpots, players wins huge prizes on a daily basis and more and more online casinos open up every day. has made an infographic, which shows the development of the online casino industry in the past 20 years. You can find it below:


A History of Online Casinos
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