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The FBI is investigating a $1,3 million Bitcoin looting

The FBI is investigating a 1 3 million Bitcoin looting

An unnamed Bitfinex user alleged that funds were stolen from their account. The FBI is investigating the report. According to a report filed on 14th September, Cambridge resident stated that they lost $1,3 million in Bitcoin tied to the hack and subsequent $70 million theft from Bitfinex.



The case has been referred to the FBI after an initial investigation by the Cambridge Police. The status of the investigation and the extent to which the FBI has pursued the lead remains unknown at this time.



The resident said that they learned that $1,3 million was stolen from their Bitfinex account. The document states the user had $3,4 million in total personal holdings. The loss was later reduced to $720,000 when factoring in IOU tokens issued by Bitfinex after the exchange initiated its recovery efforts.



The Bitfinex hack shook the Bitcoin world when it occured in early August, resulting in the loss of nearly 120,000 Bitcoins. This had great impact on Bitcoin markets during the following month, though prices have since recovered.