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Arrest Warant Issued for Bryan Micon - Charged With Class B Felony

Arrest Warant Issued for Bryan Micon Charged With Class B Felony

It hasn’t been a very good year for Bryan Micon so far. The former chairman for the now closed SealsWithClubs and owner of the new SwClubs poker site is now wanted for arrest in Nevada, where he lived until recently, where he fled to Antigua with his family.

Micon had his Las Vegas home raided in February of this year, where local police forces came with guns and the Nevada Gaming Commission and searched through his property for anything linking him to SealsWithClubs.

Micon released a video about the raid shortly after the incident, saying that he had not been charged with anything at the time of the raid and that the police used unnecessary force while being in his home, scaring not only him, but also his kids and his wife.

SealsWithClubs was shut down right after the raid, asking players of the site to cash out their Bitcoins as soon as possible to avoid any sort of issues.

Now Micon has been officially charged however, for having run an illegal poker site in the state. He is currently charged with a Class B felony, which can give him up to 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine should he be arrested.

Micon stands his position however, saying that he doesn’t feel like he has done anything wrong or unethical in running a poker site from his home. It is doubtful that Micon will return to the US with the arrest warant in place.

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