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PartyPoker sit-in planned on online forum

PartyPoker sit in planned on online forum

The most popular poker forum has become a platform for players and operators to resolve their issues and express concerns about a number of issues and the latest high profile case relates to PartyPoker. Players and representatives are planning a sit-in on November 1st where players plan to expose the many problems they have been complaining about lately.

Originally the sit-in was planned to take place on October 28th but the number of players who wanted to participate skyrocketted so the date was pushed in order to accomodate as many people as possible.

The complaints against PartyPoker are many but the most common ones and the ones which players post more about include a lack of proper customer support, the segregation of players into protected and unprotected pools, the reduced benefits of the VIP program and the new high fees on Skrill withdrawals. What makes things even worse for most players is the fact that all these problems seem to have happened at the same time and without warning and worse even, without any proper customer service to support players.

The biggest problems are without doubt the segregation of players into separate player pools and the high fees imposed on withdrawals. has placed a 3% fees on all withdrawals via Skrill and there is no cap either, meaning that the larger the withdrawal, the larger the fee players will have to pay. It also especially affects winning players. So now players are paying high rakes, earning less in VIP points and paying more in withdrawal fees.