More Than Five Million Winnings For Heinecker

“ragen70” Blasts Through The $5 Million Earnings Mark for 2013, “Isildur1” Donates Over ¾ Million…The Hard Way, “WCGRider” Takes Over $275k Back from the Swinging Swede.

Thanksgiving kicked off this week of high earnings featuring one big winner and one big looser (with a guest-starring role of a grinder seeking a bit of fiscal revenge.)  Of course, these stories are tied together, and of course – as they have for months – the biggest games revolved around Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.  And, earning faster than anyone – as we’ve reported for the past few weeks – was Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker.  Two weeks ago, Heinecker was just passing $4 million in earnings in this year, last week he’d eclipsed $5 million and this week…he brushes the $6 million dollar line for 2013.  Viktor Blom donated the biggest part of that over the weekend at 2-7 Triple Daw and lost the next biggest part of this week’s total to “Carloo13” on Thanksgiving ($207k) and Douglas “WCGRider” Polk over the weekend (more than $275k.)  Let’s see where everyone’s totals landed, for better or worse, as this tryptophan fueled week played out. 

Elite Eight:

1 – Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker – It was a blistering week for 2013’s biggest winner – and fairly fast work.  In 16 sessions (just 1349 hands), Niklas won $726,406 dollars.  His biggest contributor was Viktor Blom in 2k/4k 2-7 Triple Draw on the weekend, with two days of 6 figure wins, but his winning seemed to continue no matter who he was playing.  When Heinecker hit 4 million, some people said it was a lucky spike, at 5 million some just said it was high positive variance, so what will “they” say now at 6 million?

2 – “n0d1ceb4by” – Typically an MTT player, “no dice” had the session of their career, pushing out of the negative and over $200k into the black in 17 sessions and 1301 hands taking home $234,767.  Unlike most weeks where FTP dominates the top winner (and loser) spots, this week sees spots 2-7 filled in by players on PokerStars.  But it took spots 2-6 to match “ragen70”’s total.

3 – “Fake Love888” – Rumored to be Patrik Antonius due to similarities in game selection, play style and log in times, “FakeLove888” does not have the Finn’s luck on Stars that he tends to on FTP.  Even with this week’s winnings, he still lists as being down over $1.4 million.  However, this week in 2349 hands over 21 sessions, he fought back against that trend racking up $158,914 in winnings.

4 – “kardioloq” – Here we find another Stars high roller who, up until this week, was in a deep hole.  Well, “kardioloq” is still in the hole for almost $90k lifetime, but this week 6 sessions and 720 hands put $123,504 back in his or her pockets and brought that fantastic “break even” line into focus again.

5 – “Exclusive” – My first thought here was that this must be one of the oldest accounts on Stars to get this handle…but it appears to have only been around since 2010.  Its only earned $164,772 lifetime in the black and MOST of that was this week’s (11 session, 1605 hand) earnings of $119,822. 

6 – Alexander “Kanu7” Millar – Millar is fast approaching $3 million in lifetime earnings on PokerStars and that does not even take into account his earnings of just over $2 million as “IReadYrSoul” on FTP.  This week the 25 sessions and 3586 hands on PokerStars earned Miller $106,530 though, putting him in the elite eight and a step closer to the top 25 in all time high stakes online poker’s biggest earners.

7 – “26071985” – This string of numbers certainly put in the hands this week.  With a lot of short sessions (68 to be exact) and over 2232 hands, the account earned a six figure payday of $101,904 (barely edging out the number 8 spot) pushing its lifetime earnings to just under $500k.

8 – “RookieNFL” – The Fiscal Roller Coaster that is “RookieNFL” has certainly not shied away from top competition and this week it netted a six figure score of $101,388 in just 3 sessions and 157 hands.  Hey, one of the first things they teach rookies in the NFL is to get their reps in when they can, and make them count.  Someone was listening to their coaches.

Honorable Mention – For getting the job done across multiple sites – Douglas “WCGRider” Polk – If Polk’s 10th and 12th place scores (of $87,148 on FTP and $67,087 on PS) could be counted together on our system, he would have clocked in at #4 on this week’s list at around $150k, but since that isn’t how we do things, he stays off the list – but still makes the headlines.

Biggest Losers:

1 – Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – If you’ve read the whole article to this point, you know the carnage that followed “Isildur1”’s activity this week.  He put in more time than anyone else again this week, but the 78 session 5984 hand marathon cost Blom a stunning $756,531.  Again, he drives the games, but the downward trend is starting to eat into his lifetime profit as he dips to the break-even point.

2 – Rui Cao – Cao swung back south again this week.  He dropped $129,400 in 19 sessions and 4287 hands – a number far smaller than Blom’s loss, but still an impressive 6 figure cash dump.  Cao is still net-positive, but he’s only a repeat of this week away from red ink. 

3 – “tyme2gamb0l111” – barely $100k in the positive lifetime, this week’s $118,181 lost (in 15 sessions over 1067) halved this account’s lifetime net winnings.  Not much else is known about this player other than they won’t back down from playing the likes of Ike Haxton at the highest stakes.  Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon.

Dishonorable Mention – Gus Hansen – (-$77,796) – The Gus Bus could not break into a six figure loses this week, but he did only put in 12 sessions and 1077 hands.  Must have had holiday plans.

Matt Waldron

Matt Waldron is an international journalist, writer, home brewer, poker player, and (when he’s not busy with all that) a professional in the product and brand development world.  “Waldo” has covered the WPT, WSOP, EPT/NAPT and online poker since 2006 in some form or another and well – he hasn’t gotten tired of it yet. 

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