Pamela Anderson making BitClout “hot” and “sexy”

Something was up and coming when Pamela Anderson had recently claimed her BitClout profile and making several posts on the new network. One in which she announced “I have something special planned for you – stay tuned.”

And this on a network that is bound to revolutionize the social networks as we know them. A network that has all the potential to become the “Next Big Thing”.

After some minor technical issues following its recent launch, which included some capacity concerns, BitClout is gaining serious momentum and attracting new registrations while its “native” currency is seeing a consistent increase in valuation. It seems bound to revolutionize the “social network” as we know it and perhaps will bring back the “social” in social networks.

CEO and Co-Founder of Gemini Exchange, Tyler Winklevoss is already among the most active on BitClout and looks to have embraced the platform proceeding business as usual:

So, coming back to the former Baywatch star and global sex symbol, Pamela Anderson. What is she up to on the platform and how did she end up there?

To answer the firstquestion, for starters Anderson is handing out three signed physical copies of her 2016 Playboy cover to the top holders of her “creator coin” with the lucky winners announced on March 31. And on top of that she is considering to release some NFT’s.

It may have come as a surprise to see Anderson back in the spotlight after earlier in the year Anderson decided to quit all social media and left all of the “old” media such as Facebook, Twitter and Facebook. At the time she said she wanted to spend more time on reading book and being in nature. She even said that social media are a waste of time and only make money of you.

Now, Anderson is on BitClout and it was not before a first post explained her main reason for being on the platform:

A very clear opening statement so to say. and while BitClout is centralized at the moment, they aim to become fully decentralized.

One of the great things of Bitclout, is that every member or registered user can potentially benefit from their activity on the platform. So it will not be a Twitter or a Facebook taking all your data, financial means and information and leaving you with nothing but a hangover and the need for another dopamine hit. 

BitClout seems to be THE platform where much of what is currently happening in our world comes together. The limiting of our individual freedom by our governments, the devaluation of fiat currencies, censhorship and what more. All this combined with the innate forces that we all possess, the longing for community, for connection, for love and purpose. This is what BitClout has to offer and it is all out there in the “mix”.

This special mix is what brings Anderson and so many others already, to the platform. They all feel substantial change is needed and it is coming; it is inevitable.

As Anderson shared with the public in Q-like style:

  And also:

Now, zooming back in to her “contest”, offering the signed copies of her 2016 Playboy cover, can be considered excellent marketing of her own creator coins. And hence, Anderson can expect to see her creator coin price pump. She currently holds 18.6 of them valued at $13,296.40 each. The current price of Bitclout is at $ 154.66 per coin.

We can consider this an “experiment” that we should closely watch as it can show us the large potential that BitClout has by incentivizing users for their own creations. This being part of the unique “mix” the platform taps into so to speak. And it does consequentially lead to asking out loud: “Who is next to follow?” Or maybe better phrased: “When will Elon Musk claim his BitClout profile?”

The people behind the platform are currently unknown and go by the pseudonym ‘Diamondhands.’ In a recent interview, they explained their motivation:

“The platforms that have existed up to today, really focus on speculating on the post as the atomic unit, rather than on the creator. And there’s a very big difference, because posts are short term. That makes it not really very exciting as an asset class. Whereas if you have a creator that you can speculate on, that’s a very long-term thing that you can really invest in for a long time.”

While the BitClout team remains anonymous, it is backed by some major players in the industry. These include Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Social Capital and Digital Currency Group.

Rumours about BitClout’s coin being tradable on large exchanges are also surfacing, albeit this will likely not (yet) be any time soon.

For those interested in getting involved with BitClout or might have some questions, there is an active and growing community on Discord. We, at, will also closely following developments on the platform and provide you with regular updates.

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