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Fedor Holz wins $111,111 High Roller for One Drop for $4,981,775

Fedor Holz wins 111 111 High Roller for One Drop for 4 981 775

Nobody will deny that Fedor Holz is one of the best pokerplayers (No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments) out there at this moment. He has proven himself time and time again. Well, he's done it again, besting a field of 183 absolute high rollers in the $111,111 High Roller for One Drop, earning himself $4,981,775. He has a total of a little over $14,7 million in cashes just in 2016 now.



With a buy-in like this, it isn't strange that the final table was filled with noteable names. This was the line-up of the final table of nine:




Seat 1

Scott Seiver

6.070.000 (30 bb)

Seat 2

Dan Smith

22.400.000 (112 bb)

Seat 3

Nick Petrangelo

5.850.000 (29 bb)

Seat 4

Fedor Holz

10.930.000 (55 bb)

Seat 5

Niall Farrell

4.040.000 (20 bb)

Seat 6

Brian Green

15.260.000 (76 bb)

Seat 7

Joe McKeehen

7.940.000 (40 bb)

Seat 8

Jack Salter

11.655.000 (58 bb)

Seat 9

Koray Aldemir

7.370.000 (37 bb)


Scott Seiver was the first player to leave the table. He shoved his last 2,6 million chips to the middle with and was called by Holz' . The board ran out and Seiver collected $384,425 for his ninth place.


Joe McKeehen then busted Niall Farrell, his held against the and Farrell earned $486,383 for his eight place finish.


Only a few hands later Holz had the magic pair of 4's again, this time holding against Petrangelo's . Holz had to dodge a ton of outs when the board ran out , but it seems that when you're on fire, you're on fire. Petrangelo finished in seventh for $628,679.


Things went pretty fast from that point on. McKeehen found himself at the wrong end of a huge cooler situation, flopping the second nut flush with on a -flop, but drawing dead against Holz' . Last year's main event winner earned $829,792 for the effort. One hand later Green was in good shape to double against again Fedor Holz, but Holz found two extra aces with his against Green's to send him packing.


Again one hand later, Holz showed the definition of running hot. His found help against Salter's when the board ran out . Salter had to settle for $1,536,666.


Nine hands later heads-up play was reached, Dan Smith's pocket 9's held up against Aldemir's 7's. Holz started the heads-up play with a 1,5:1 chip advantage. Smith took the chiplead from Holz at one point, but Holz doubled again through Smith to retake the lead. In the final hand, Smith had all his chips in the middle on the river with against Holz' for a rivered flush on a board of . Holz, 22 years old, won his first bracelet and Smith had to settle for second.


The results of the final 8:






Fedor Holz




Dan Smith




Koray Aldemir




Jack Salter




Brian Green




Joe McKeehen




Nick Petrangelo




Niall Farrell