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YouTube Enters E-Sports Market with FACEIT Streaming Deal

YouTube Enters E Sports Market with FACEIT Streaming Deal

Video site YouTube has jumped on the bandwagon of investing in competitive gaming by signing a long-term agreement with e-sports platform FACEIT. The deal will entitle YouTube to the right to stream the E-sports Championship Series (ECS).

Currently e-sports is widely acclaimed as a very profitable niche in live events so traditional media and videogame manufacturers are competing for a stake in the market.

FACEIT, one of the largest e-sports platforms in the world, partners with’s Twitch to deliver the ECS. Since the collaboration started last year, the gaming website has streamed the league’s first two seasons.

Michele Attisani, co-founder of FACEIT, commented that the opportunity to join forces with YouTube was unique.

The third season of the ECS featuring “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” will stream exclusively on YouTube beginning March 25. Advertizing and sponsorship packages on YouTube will also be available.

It is estimated that revenue from e-sports is going to rise by 41% to $696 million in 2017. The number of e-sports viewers is also projected to increase to 385 million  until the end of the year.