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West Virginia sports generate $3.4 million in wagers over first three weeks

West Virginia sports generate 3.4 million in wagers over first three weeks

The data released by the WV Lottery Commission that publishes updated figures on a weekly basis report that West Virginia generated over $3.4 million in total wagers. It means that the state has made more than a million of that turned into revenue.

The FanDuel Sportsbook which had opened at The Greenbrier on September 14. Thus its revenue is only registered in the last eight days of this data. Although on-site betting figures for being limited at the private resort. Apart from residents and guests, Hollywood still holds what amounts to a monopoly on the retail market in West Virginia.

Apart from FanDuel and Sportsbook, two more sportsbooks are expected to seize control once online/mobile wagering begins.   

President of the WV Gaming and Racing Association, John Cavacini said that the trends show a promising behaviour which lies entirely in line with operators expectations.

The state had collected only $100,000 in taxes from September sports betting through last Friday with the aim of meeting first-year projections of $5.5 million.

Regulators are looking forward to cementing temporary regulations into permanent legislative rules after a 30-day public comment period. John Myers, who is working on his first days on the job is overseeing the process.

Alan Larrick, the former director, had resigned just two days after Hollywood opened its doors with sports betting without giving a proper explanation about his decision. More recently it has become clear that the managing general counsel was suspended from her duties.