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West Virginia Legislature Considers Sports Betting Bill

West Virginia Legislature Considers Sports Betting Bill

The West Virginia House has come up with a legislative proposal to legalize sports betting in the state.

House Bill 2751, which was introduced on March 1, grants the right of devising legislative provisions controlling sports betting to the State Lottery Commission.

Moreover, the measure declares the Federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act as unlawful, thus moving to establish that the legislation prohibiting sports betting in West Virginia is unconstitutional.

According to the text of the bill, the total volume of revenue from sports betting in the USA amounts to between $325 and $400 billion, out of which less than one percent constitutes legal funds. In addition, figures by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association reveal that 56,800,000 people on the territory of the country are engaged in fantasy sports betting, wagering an average of $465 annually.

If the law is enacted, West Virginia would benefit by the generation of increased state revenues and the creation of numerous jobs at state-licensed casino gaming establishments.