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US Congress to host hearing on sport wagering

US Congress to host hearing on sport wagering

The US Congress would be hosting a hearing on sports betting next week and reports suggest that it has also called NFL American football league to testify.

The House Judiciary Committee will be holding the meeting on June 26.

The United States Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act of 1992 six weeks ago, overturning the federal ban on sports wagering that restricted state-sponsored sports betting to only a few states. Earlier, only Nevada was entitled to accept bets on single games, but now the states are free to opt for sports betting within their territory if they wish so.

Senate Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee are examining the issue and Senator Orrin Hatch has already announced that he was working on sports betting legislation that focused on protection of integrity of sports.

Moreover, reports suggest that his initiative revolves around strengthening the Sports Bribery Act.

Sports Bribery Act is also a federal law but it has not been impacted by the decision of the Supreme Court.

Geoff Freeman, American Gaming Association president and CEO would also be testifying.

 A 2017 report released by Eilers and Krejcik Association reflected the fact that 18 states might start offerinhg sports betting within two years.