Tweeters Rip CNBC’s ‘Money Talks’

The good thing about technology is that we are much better informed than in previous decades, and the biggest upside of it all of this is that everyone can give their own opinion to the every subject. Within seconds everyone knows what you have to say, as Twitter is the perfect platform to voice your thoughts, both positive and negative.

Twitter is a very honest platform. Whether you like it or not, it’s going to give you shit for sucking and love for being great. As a comparison, during last Thursday night’s NFL season opener there was an insane amount of Tweets flooding the Internet about how good Peyton Manning is. The 2004 Super Bowl MVP threw for league record-tying seven touchdowns, and obviously there was plenty of reason for his praise.

There was no reason for praise last Tuesday night when I turned on the TV to watch Money Talks on CNBC.

As I cringed throughout the first minutes of the show I grabbed my phone and searched for the advertised hash tag #MoneyTalks. What followed was an epic showing of haters, and @CNBCPrimeTV attempting to promote their new show.

“CNBC Prime has a new look, a new attitude and new reality. From cars to forgeries to gambling to the business of start-ups, CNBC has you covered.”

CNBC Prime uses the tagline above to brand their new TV concept. At least you can give them credit for trying something new. The only, and big problem is that they are promoting someone running a “boiler room operation,” as Haralabos Voulgaris said in the earlier article I published on this show. I highly recommend reading Voulgaris’ take after reading this piece.

Because of this negative twist, first uncovered by sports betting analyst Todd Fuhrman, it gave us great satisfaction to see that Twitter did not take kind to Mister Stevens’ exploits.

The most frustrating part about this, for people who know sports betting, is the fact that they promote someone like Stevens instead of doing a reality show on the real figures in this intriguing business. It’s a legit business and the real big winners are among the smartest people in the world.

In the meantime CNBC tries to do some damage control by accepting the fact that Darin Notaro is Stevens’ real name. In the beginning of this mess Stevens stated in a YouTube clip to get 70% of his bets right, as of today his profile on CNBC has this number down to 60%. His picks over the last few weeks must’ve done pretty bad to lose 10% of your all-time winning percentage in such a short span.

At the end of the show CNBCPrimeTv thanked their followers for live Tweeting with them, but they only ReTweeted one person throughout the whole show. It made sense though, as 95% of Tweets were filled with negative comments.

The CNBCPrimeTV account has 5,732 followers as of today. The financial damage that could be done by investing money into a boiler room operation like Stevens’ promote is most likely going to be limited due to their promoting. But unfortunately their mother company also sent out a Tweet, amidst some heavy political stuff, to their 1.2 million followers. Nicely done CNBC.

On my personal Twitter account a former classmate of Stevens reached out and reaffirmed what I already knew.

All in all it’s sad to see how something as harmful as Stevens’ business can get this much nationwide exposure promoted by a company who cliams to have all the latest business news.

Am I curious to see what happens in the upcoming weeks on this show? Not really, as there are probably a lot more cigarettes being lit on TV, the same stack of $100 bills will be recounted as new winnings and his super rich private jet-flying friend will be mentioned again in the same sentence as $500 bets.

Remko Rinkema

Remko Rinkema has covered the biggest poker tournaments in the world since 2008, including many WSOP, EPT, Aussie Millions, APPT, MCOP and Unibet Open events. As an in-depth interview and story enthusiast he tries to do things a little differently. Besides the usual writings Rinkema grabs every chance to appear on podcasts, live streams and in the occasional video.

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