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Turkish Government Gets Strict With Illegal Gambling

Turkish Government Gets Strict With Illegal Gambling

In a bid to curb illegal gambling Turkish government is planning to launch a two-year plan, where different government agencies would contribute to tackle matter regarding unauthorized provision of gambling services of all kinds. 

Turkey’s interior and Justice Ministries would develop the schemes and coordinate with the country’s Revenues and Police Departments with the aim to penalize all organizers and facilitators of illegal gambling services.

A unit comprised of different government-run agencies, headed by a specially appointed prosecutor would be created on the launch of the anti-illegal gambling campaign. The combined efforts of the unit would be expected to hunt down the illegal gambling services.

Under this crackdown all the properties used for illegal gambling services would be seized and Internet cafés allowing customers access to gaming and betting websites will be fined heavily. Any advertisement of any illegal gaming by the websites would be closed and banned by the authorities. The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency will look after the transactions related to gambling activities.

Other than the state-run lottery and sports betting services, illegal gambling in Turkey constitutes all types of activities and owners of these gaming services would be subjected to serious punishments.