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Transfer Deadline in Football Tonight

Transfer Deadline in Football Tonight

It's been a summer full of World Cup football in Brazil and in August most of the bigger leagues began playing again, giving us back the best football in the world. As always, the teams who had a bad season last year – or at least one under expectations – are out to buy new players to strengthen their team in the best possible way.


The windows has been opened since the World Cup ended, but today is where it comes to an end. Some windows close during the day, but most close at midnight tonight, where it is no longer allowed nor legal to sign contracts with players already having a contract with a club.


This means that any players who are desperate to find a new club needs to find a club today to not be stuck for another 4-5 months, while clubs desperate to find players might have to pay extra money to get the guys that they want, for the same reasons.


As always on the final day of the transfer window, there are plenty of insane rumours, crazy transfers and a lot of money changing hands and clubs. Some players will end up becoming a success, others will fail and coaches will be fired. Damn I love transfer season!

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