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Terry Rogers Bookie in Dublin Robbed With a Machete

Terry Rogers Bookie in Dublin Robbed With a Machete

It's a dangerous job working in a betting shop these days it seems, as yet another robbery with weapons has been reported in the UK, this time in Dublin Ireland. A unidentified man entered the Terry Rogers betting shop in Old Cabra Road in Northside Dublin around 4.30 PM yesterday, where he threatened the staff with a machete.

The whole incident took place in broad daylight and the robbers was wearing a black balaclava to disguise himself from getting recognized. Eye witnesses say that the robber walked calmly up to the store and then demanded the cash from the store, before running off to a getaway car parked a few meters away. The robber got away with a total of £2,000 from the Terry Rogers bookie, as all of the staff quickly cooperated with the robber.

The Irish Mirror got a hold of one of the eyewitnesses that were inside the bookie while the robbery was going on who said;

“I was in the bookies watching the horses then this fella walked in with a mask on him. He was cool as you like. He walked up and then the blade just dropped down from his sleeve. I’d say it was nearly as big as my arm. It was that big."

And added

“He put the blade to the young girl’s throat and she just dropped to the ground. He was able to put his arms through the gap behind the counter and take stacks of cash.”

Photo Credits: Irish Mirror

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